About A Band: Mura Masa


Leading up to his album release party this week here at Space 15 Twenty, we talk to Alex Crossan, aka Mura Masa, about his newly released self-titled LP and the motivation behind it.

You’ve talked about London as an inspiration / motivation behind your album. From your perspective, how does this manifest? 

To me, London is about multiculturalism and sharing a common space with people from all over the world with different narratives and perspectives. That really feeds into the eclecticism on the album, both sonically and through the guest features. London is also one of the forefronts for electronic music and there are so many subcultures with rich history here. That's very important to me as an influence.  
Related to the above, what cultural touchstones have been most significant in influencing you?

I'd say the various rave cultures of the 90s and early 2000s, junglism, garage, grime etc. But also more prevalent music from the UK like britpop. But there's a bit of everything on the album really, it's not too rooted in any one idea or sound. Bowie said that in a rave, the audience is almost if not more important than the person who's performing and I love that idea; That the artist is to accompany what's already happening within culture. 
The internet and solo experimentation play such big roles in your musical upbringing: how has your process changed? What has stayed the same?

My process is only different in that I have more experience now and can make more informed decisions creatively; I still only use my laptop and the same pair of headphones I started making music with when I was 16. I think that was really intentional for me, I wanted to preserve that lonely, isolated quality to the sound. Having said that I've had the opportunity to work in studio with some of the worlds most amazing talent on this album, so that's quite new for me... 
Are there certain things you do to creatively get in “the zone”? — Personal rituals, inspiration, or daily practices that you’ve noticed help with the creative process?

I like to almost do the opposite of that. I just live normally and create along the way, without trying to get too tied up in ritual or timing. I just make when I want to make and that's done me quite well so far. 

What music did you listen to while you were growing up? 

A lot of Joni Mitchell, Gorrilaz, Bon Iver, James Blake, TNGHT, Iggy Pop, Slipknot. All sorts really. 
What is are some current curiosities for you — art, music, travel, ideas?

I'm really interested in fashion right now. I've made some friends in that world and I love how viscerally they think about life and art. I love mediums that clash concepts together and fashion is exactly that really; the utility of clothing meeting the futility of art. Haha
What is next for you?

More music, more shows, hopefully more little moments and opportunities for people to get to know me better now my first album is out in the world. 

Be sure to stop by Mura Masa's album release party 7/24 here at Space 15 Twenty!

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