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We chat with Kaitee Tyner, maker behind Moon Body Soul about her carefully crafted products and future for the all natural bath line.

Hey Kaitee! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? 

I am originally from Kansas & moved to California about 3 years ago in search of more sunshine & yoga in my life. I've always been a lover of baths & all things natural, but I struggled to find a completely chemical free bath line. After months of researching & creating countless recipes, I finally created a luxurious all-natural bath line that lived up to my high standards.

 How did you get into creating bath products? 

I never in a million years thought I would be passionate about creating bath products, but it just sort of found me. My mother actually used to make me bath bombs & would give them to me regularly when I would visit home in Kansas. After moving across the country I unfortunately visited much less. Upon using my last bath bomb one night I thought, I should just ask her to show me how she makes them!  My next trip home she graciously showed me how she created such magical bath bombs, but I noticed a lot of the ingredients were not natural. It became my goal to figure out how to recreate these bath bombs without any chemicals or filler ingredients.  

Can you tell us a little bit about how Moon Body Soul originated? 

When I returned home from visiting my mother & learning how she made her bath bombs, I began to experiment with more natural ingredients. I also became obsessed with researching other companies that called themselves "all-natural" but still included chemicals in their ingredients! I noticed it wasn't just in bath bombs but also in scrubs & bath soaks. I became so passionate about this, I knew I had to try and create a truly transparent natural bath company. With the help of my very talented boyfriend, we created Moon Body Soul, combining my love of full moon baths & all things natural.  

What are some obstacles you had to overcome? 

The biggest obstacle by far was creating the Moon Ball. I thought it would be simple, just take out the chemicals & voila, it would be all-natural. However, those chemicals & filler ingredients were literally holding the ball together. I am not even exaggerating when I say I tested out more than 50 different batches and they all failed. For almost a year I created batch after batch after batch. I wanted to give up. I thought it was impossible. But my support system was there for me- my mom, my boyfriend & my best friends, they kept encouraging me to not give up. Finally, I cracked the code in the process of making them. Of course, I can't let you in on that secret process tho :)  

Any favorite products? 

It's so hard for me to pick a favorite! The Moon Ball is of course now a favorite, because of how much effort & hard work that went into it. But I  truly loveeee taking a bath with the Moon Dust. It has added epsom salts that help to sooth sore muscles & the rose petals that float on top are truly magical.   

What's your daily skin care regimen look like? 

I actually keep my skin care regimen super simple! I use our Half Moon Konjac Sponge every morning & sometimes at night. (I don't even use a cleanser with it, just water!) It has changed my complexion completely by exfoliating & eliminating my blackheads. Sometimes I will moisturize my face after with coconut oil. I use a scrub every day on my body as well, and it totally hydrates my skin enough that I don't have to use any lotion.  I am also working on an activated charcoal clay face mask that I hope to add to the line soon. It's my favorite almost weekly indulgent!   

What kind of things are you inspired by currently? 

I am so inspired by all of the incredible people I have met along this journey. Most are young women, much like myself, who have taken it upon themselves to put everything they have into a dream & turn it into a functioning company. I really have Instagram to thank for being a platform to connect us all. Some of my best new friends have come about because of it. Whenever I am feeling down or hitting a rough patch creatively, I reach out to them & feel understood & inspired all over again.  

Do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations you are looking forward to? 

When I first had the idea of making and selling all-natural bath bombs, I thought the company would be a subscription model, delivering bath bombs each month to use on the New & Full Moon. I am happy to say we are finally working on getting the subscription plan into place & hope to be launching it with the new year! 

Where can we find your products? 

Our entire line is available on our website MoonBodySoul.com & we offer worldwide shipping, but if you would like to see it in person we are making our way into some great boutiques across the country (already in California, Hawaii, Kansas, New Mexico & Maine!). In the LA area, we are now available at Shop Chris + Mary boutique in Santa Monica, and hopefully more to come! We will be adding a page on the website soon listing out all of the boutiques.  
Lastly, what does the future for Moon Body Soul look like? 

I love this question because I am reminded of how much it has already grown in the first 6 months. I want to make Moon Body Soul a regular reminder of how important self-care is & the power that we all have to truly heal ourselves when we slow down & look inward. Right now, we host New Moon Circles once a month in Santa Monica. It's a beautiful night where women gather to practice yoga, meditate, journal & share their stories & intentions. I would love for Moon Body Soul to host more events like this, incorporating wellness & travel, two of my other passions.   
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