About a Girl: Grace Duong of Mystic Mondays


Mystic Mondays - tarot for the modern mystic - is coming here to Space 15 Twenty for a 4 day pop-up from 10/28-10/31. Here we chat with founder Grace Duong to learn more about her & Mystic Mondays.

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Check out more details on the upcoming Mystic Mondays Pop-Up here at Space 15 Twenty from 10/28-10/31 

Photos by Sallie Harrison

Hi There! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.


I’m an artist and freelance multidisciplinary designer. I also write and love to get my hands dirty in creative projects, like Mystic Mondays. I believe in creating with purpose and the power of intention. Whatever I create, I use my art to empower others to express themselves authentically. Mystic Mondays is a perfect example of combining my interests in the metaphysical & spiritual world, illustration & design, and creating an intuition tool for others to access their own inner voice. I’ve always got a million ideas and am constantly inspired by the world around me.

How did you first become involved in the field of Tarot? Is this something that came naturally – or did you stumble upon it?

My cousin Sylvie gifted me my first deck about 8 years ago. I’ve been using them on and off since then but found I didn’t relate fully to the tarot card art or the way the descriptions were written, finding them to be old fashioned. Since moving to Los Angeles 5 years ago, I’ve gotten a lot of tarot readings, and I’ve found that instead of seeking answers from external sources, you often already have the answers that you need inside of you. I’ve always wanted to create my own deck, so in a way and have always been drawn towards the practice!

Can you tell us more about how Mystic Monday's came to life? What was the inspiration behind this project?

Mystic Mondays is a lighthearted way to introduce spirituality into your week. By setting intentions on a Monday, it can guide you throughout your day, week, month, or year. It’s clarity of thought and conscious declaration of how you want to feel and what you want to do. My inspiration behind Mystic Mondays came because I felt that a lot of the products I saw in spiritual stores felt heavy, dark, and inaccessible. My intention with Mystic Mondays is to make a modern, colorful, and approachable spiritual brand where people can feel invited to learn more and be a part of this community.

What was the process like creating the tarot deck – 78 cards seems like a big task!

It indeed was a large undertaking but I was motivated by my vision and the support from the community! I finished the 22 Major Arcana cards first, and designed the Kickstarter campaign after that. I was able to raise $25,990, which met the stretch goal of printing on holographic boxes and holographic foil on the cards. From there, it was a matter of finishing up the rest of the 56 Minor Arcana cards, updating the app, and all the other Kickstarter rewards which include a coffee table book, intuition tool kit, and guidebook. It’s been awesome because I got to do a range of things like stop motion graphics for the campaign, email newsletters, illustration for the cards, product design for the boxes, book design for the guidebook, user interface for the app, space design for the pop up, and it goes on. I was able to piece multiple parts together which created one large campaign under the Mystic Mondays brand. This definitely challenged me in so many ways and I feel like I have grown so much as a person. My biggest takeaway from the Kickstarter was that people genuinely want to help you and to see you succeed! Warms my heart so much to know how much love there is to go around.

Do you have a favorite tarot symbol? If so, what is it?

The Magician is probably my favorite card as it is my birth card. She’s resourceful, inventive, and able to channel her imagination into the physical realm. I relate wholeheartedly to this way of living as I believe that ‘when there’s a will, there’s a way!’ and living in possibilities.

The Devil is also one of my favorites because it’s the very first card I sketched and drew out in Illustrator.
I could go on - I have so many favorites, but I’ll stop at those two!

Dream collaboration, who would it be.

Jessica Walsh! I admire her so much for being a powerful lady force in the design world. Piera Luisa from Refinery29 would also be such an honor to work with.

Any upcoming projects that you are excited about?

Yes, always! The next project that I’m working on is a children’s book about how animals use their skin to protect themselves, much like how we as humans use masks to protect ourselves from being vulnerable. Mystic Mondays also has room to expand beyond tarot cards into more mystic magic. As for the other ideas, it’s too early to say but follow along on social @grace.duong if you want to keep up with the creative combustion I call my brain.

What do you hope for people to take away from your Space 15 Twenty pop – up. Can you give us any insight on what to expect?

I wanted to create a space to not only celebrate the Mystic Mondays launch, but also to give people a sense of community with the workshops that we hosted in the space. We had a schedule of workshops that included Intro to Intuitive Tarot by Grace Duong (hi!), Moonbeaming by Sarah Gottesdiener, and Ajna Third Eye Sound Bath by Aja Daashuur as well as a Launch Party event and a Halloween Bash. Without community, there would be no Mystic Mondays and I am forever grateful to my community for helping to support and give birth to my creative baby through my first ever Kickstarter. To take a leap into the unknown is a scary thing, and I’m glad I had support to catch me and to lift me back up again.

Since putting together this pop up at Space 15 Twenty, I would definitely love to have more pop ups, events, art exhibits and collaborations in the future!

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