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This week we took a trip to visit the home of Lindsay Hollinger – artist and designer living in Joshua Tree, California. Take a peak inside the magical desert escape and get to know the lady behind it all. 

Hi There! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do! 

Hello! I’m Lindsay Hollinger and I own a little house called Casa Joshua Tree, where I live and have an art studio. I’m a freelance artist and designer. 

Have you always lived in Joshua Tree? 

After living in LA for 9 years (and NYC before that), I made the jump to rural life and moved to Joshua Tree in 2014. 

What inspired you to make the move? Any favorite places? 

I was working as an Art Director and I loved it, but was completely burned out. I needed a break, some space and time to think. I came through Joshua Tree on a road trip and instantly fell in love with it. I knew I had to be here. 

My perfect day is a sunrise hike in Joshua Tree National Park, then to La Copine for breakfast. On the way back I’ll stop at The Hoof and the Horn or The End for a little retail therapy, and Frontier for a good cold brew coffee before heading home to the studio for an afternoon working in my studio. 

What does community mean to you? What role does it play within Casa Joshua Tree? 

Community means feeling connected with the place I live, the people around me, and the environment we share. I love this magical high-desert paradise more than words can say, and I feel connected to it in a different way than any other place I’ve lived. This summer I am starting a women’s creative group with some friends that will have a focus on local activism and the arts. My Instagram is another great way that I engage- both with locals (I met many Joshua Tree friends through IG!) and a global following -showing the world how special Joshua Tree is.  

Besides making your home look magical – do you have other creative outlets? 

I host and teach workshops here at Casa Joshua Tree. On May 6, I am hosting an Indigo & Shibori workshop with artist Graham Keegan, which you can register for- there are a handful of spots left. 

I am also a painter.  I’ve been putting energy towards my creative practice in desert-inspired landscape and abstract painting since moving to JT….and I’m also taking ceramics at the local college. I keep myself busy with art! 

Any tips + tricks to styling the home? 

Keep it simple and give yourself a few rules to follow. It sounds silly, but it helps me. My rules are: an item must be white, wood, natural, or I gotta love it so much it defies all rules. It’s one of those-- or it’s not coming into the house. A pewter scorpion statue—I’m obsessed with it, it’s in. Wood table, yes. Cactus…natural. You see where it leads. 
When I style my shelves, plants, keepsakes—it’s a pleasure everything fits nicely together.  
What are some of your favorite pieces? 

My most favorite item is my Pendleton blanket- it’s such a beautiful and functional textile.  
I love my round coffee table—it warms the space and has room for snacks and wine by the fire, or a board game when friends visit. The big Kiva ladder- love hanging a blanket, lights, or pendant on it. It gets moved around the house a lot! 
How would you describe your style in three words? 
Modern Minimalist Bohemian 
Any advice for someone on a budget trying to go big? 
Minimalism is great for budget! Pick a few statement pieces to splurge on, and then accent with simple solids and natural materials. I splurged on my Pendleton wool blanket, but the bedframe is a DIY project I did with 3 pine boards and a couple brackets- the whole frame project cost less than $40. Crisp white sheets always make a space look fresh and you can get them just about anywhere, on any budget.   
Lastly, what does the future look like AND how can we stay at Casa Joshua Tree?! 

Casa Joshua Tree is available on Airbnb- it books up quickly since there are limited dates available, so plan ahead. Joshua Tree is also a great day trip from Los Angeles.

The future holds lots of excitement- I’m renovating the back porch soon, which I am looking forward to. I’ve got some design collaborations in the works with other amazing makers. And-- fingers crossed—my own products coming in fall! Things are looking bright.

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