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Makenzie Jandro and Bree Randall, better known as Two Little Birds Wander West, have a passion for all things style, health and happiness. Here, we visit their cozy space in Southern California and talk tips + tricks on how to go big in your small space. 

Tell us a little bit about yourselves!   

We are both Southern California natives who live in Newport Beach, California. We love all things surf, sand and sunshine with a splash of health. We are two best friends who literally do everything together, hence why we decided to start a blog together. We love working out, cooking new recipes, dancing to or scream singing to all the greats and obsessing over blending together our passion of the action sports industry, traveling, and styling. We were stylists in Los Angeles for a few years both working at the same clothing line down town and we decided that we needed to branch out and start our own thing, that is when Two Little Birds Wander West was born and the rest is history.  
Have you always lived in Southern California? 
Yes! Born and raised! We are both from the same hometown. We actually grew up down the street from each other and we went to rival high schools. Then we both moved to LA separately and worked out there for a few years then we decided to move back to Orange County, where our hearts truly reside.  
How did you come up with Two Little Birds Wander West? 
It’s a funny story actually . . .well actually it’s not that funny at all, we were both sitting on the beach a few years ago and we were talking about how we wanted to start something on our own that we could eventually grow in to a business. After that beach day we went home and started tossing names around and one of us came up with two little birds and the other came up with wander west and we freaked out over both of the names, then we decided to merge the names together. We love traveling so much but wherever we travel to we always end up coming back to the West Coast falling even more in love with where we live. It just made sense, ya know?  
What makes your space special to you? 
We love calling it the birdhouse or bungalow and we have incorporated a lot of beachy vibes in to our little casa. Having a clean white open space allows us to get creative with our home accessories that fit our bohemian, minimalist and beachy lifestyle (what a combo, right?). Honestly, our bungalow is always filled with our best friends, loud music and good food which makes it so special to us.   
How would you describe your aesthetic when it comes to your space?

Our home is the combination between bohemian and beachy. It really depends on the season that we are in because our white canvas allows us to play around with décor and throw in pops of color for different seasons. During the fall our place is very golden and warm versus in the spring and summer we swap out our pillows and pictures to make it more summery.  
Any tips for styling with plants, prints, textures, lighting, etc? 
We love LOVE having plants in our home! Having natural green makes the house feel much more like home, mother nature rocks so we have to bring a little of it inside. Honestly, we rely a ton on pinterest and magazines to pull colors and prints together in our home. We are always referencing our pinterest page to get inspiration for the inside of our birdhouse. Instead of having a bunch of lighting around the house, we keep the windows open during the day for natural light and a night we have fairy lights everywhere because they’re cute and simple.  
Do you have any favorite items or belongings? 
We love having our old beat up surfboard as a centerpiece in our home and we also really love our rugs. Our rugs bring our rooms together with our hat walls and wall prints. Is it too much to say that we love everything? Seriously, our wall art, pictures, flower pots and pillows make everything come together. 
What are some of your favorite songs to listen to when you’re at home? 
In the morning we usually listen to the Ben Howard station because it has alllll the feels and then when we are cooking dinner we put on anything from beach music to old funk.  We ALWAYS have music playing! 
Dream home – what would that look like? 

Well we plan on living on the same street when we “grow up.” Bree’s dream house is a mix between Spanish and Mediterranean with tons of Palms and tropical inspired plants. Makenzie’s dream casa is anything out of a Nancy Meyers film( she literally picks the BEST houses) mixed with a splash of beachy bungalow vibes.  
Lastly, any tips for someone on a budget? 

Honestly, we do a little bit of thrift shopping and a lot of sale bin shopping. For the little accessories around the house it’s not worth spending your whole paycheck on but if there is a statement piece that you are obsessed with and you can’t breath without it, we like putting money aside each paycheck to save up for that piece that is either a couch, bed, chair, or even a beautiful art piece.  

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Two Little Birds Wander West 

Photos by Arika Jean