Collage or not?: Justin Nelson, Karen Lynch, Lennox Rees


One of the central concepts for Twin Beast is that we are not about art in the name of the apotheosis of any individual. So, any time we show art, we make sure that we incorporate our friends, as well as some new strangers. Looking at great art is an amazing privilege, but we think that participating in art is the best. So, when we found out that we could use the Space 15 Twenty blog in addition to the gallery we knew we had to roundup the homies from all over. This post is part of a three part series highlighting nine collage artists. Some of them are “famous” on Instagram, and some of them are humble geniuses fulfilling themselves in relative obscurity. What they all have in common is a dedication, passion, and something worth paying attention to.


Whether you are frightened by the terrifying suggestions of Justin Nelson, lost in the expansive realms of Karen Lynch’s impossible landscapes, or enchanted by the skillful balance of Lennox Rees’ clean design and found images, we hope that these artists will reveal something heretofore beyond you.