Local Heroes: Samson


Local musician Samson is getting ready for his upcoming set here at Space 15 Twenty! We spent the afternoon at his Los Angeles home getting to know him and his current works.

Hi There! Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

I’m Samson. I’m from LA. I make things, mostly music, but I also get songs to paint with a Drawing Machine I made, and I’m in the process of writing a book on people’s clothes all over the world. I love the stars, I’m thankful mostly just to exist. How did that happen? What are the chances that I’m here at Space 15 Twenty doing a show and we’re on the same spinning space rock together in the same cosmic timeframe? It’s all just very overwhelming, and I’m grateful. 

What kind of role has music played in your life? Was this something you always saw yourself doing? 

The music was the way I dealt with losing someone very close to me. It’s the only thing that I can grab on to in the paradox of life and death we live in. And it’s a way that I could take a sadness and convert it into something more palatable for my mind to process, something beautiful, re-associate experiences, recreate memories. I live in the music for that reason. I don’t want to exist outside of it. It’s creating a world to live in. It’s communicating to existence. It’s flirting with possibility and collaborating with infinity. I am so happy to do it.  

What are some of your most memorable experiences performing?  

The Hotel Cafe. I love playing there every time. They were the first to give me a look and put me on a stage and let me be free. I love everyone there. Forever grateful for them. I played a show above the Roxy for Yates Bruh’s birthday party that was off the chain. I’m going on a small tour run soon that the Space 15 Twenty show is going to kick off, so I’m looking forward to this and everything after it so much. 

How would you describe your music?  

My music better describes itself. If I had to, I would say, post-rock hop, or like indie wave. It’s throwing 808’s on songwriter vibes. It’s sounding more like just me and my tastes and obsessions so I think it’s good. It sounds like me.  

What are you currently working on? 

Lots of new music. Writing this book on people’s clothes. Painting with songs. Tour. Mostly tour right now, just prepping. Staying thankful to be alive and just hustling to manifest my vision and be fulfilled before the clock stops. 

Dream collab – who would it be?  

Explosions in the Sky. Julien Baker. Grimes. Regina Spektor. Anthony Kiedis. 

What's on rotation?  


Any advice for young musicians? 

Man, I need the young musicians advice at this point. To the kids though, in general, I’d say, no one can see through your eyes, be curious to discover yourself in the work and express that which is sacred and joyful to you, the key is just be the best at you. Create a wave and surf it hard as you can. 
Lastly, what do you hope for people to take away from your upcoming set at Space 15 Twenty?  

I just want to be a catalyst for imagination and a judgment-free zone where everyone is free to be their most vulnerable or most expressive and it’s love. We have a space in our heart for freedom to be. Also I build soundscapes and beats live when I sing, and I’ll be getting a song to paint during the set. So maybe people will see what I’m doing is fresh, it’s new. And love it or hate it, it’s me, it’s where I live and it’s the way I communicate. Come through to the show and see! 

Photos by Iris Ray

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