Music Monday: February 13, 2017


To start off your week in the best way possible we've prepared a musical feast featuring Will Ferrel sprinkled with some Quentin Tarantino and some hot off the skillet Animal Collective. 

  • Don Trip & Starlito - Whistle Blowers: This standout track from the Step Brothers (Karate in the Garage) EP finds the pair flowing over a familiar whistle melody from Kill Bill (also Chill Bill). 
  • Animal Collective - Kinda Bonkers: Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Deakin and Geologist have returned with new music in 2017 with the imminent release of their EP The Painters. This companion piece to last year's Painting With features songs recorded around the same time as the album proper. 
  • STRFKR - Gerl: Josh Hodges has raided his own vault and released the first of three collections of previously unreleased material. Vault Vol. 1 features demos, full songs, works in progress and everything in between that up until now have only been heard by the band. 
  • Lil Peep & Lil Tracy - Never Eat, Never Sleep: The follow up EP to 2016's Castles appropriately titled Cåstles II features 5 new tracks from the artist referred to as "The new emo". 
  • Terror Jr. - Come First: The mysterious "Lisa" in this trio may or may not be Kylie Jenner, but either way these remixes demand attention, and they've received it. 

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