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This week we are getting ready for, Reframed ' A Meeting of the Eyes' - a conversation on art, photography and music featuring the talented Emari Traffie, Dana Washington, Alima LeeSophia Nahli Allison - hosted by Gia Azevedo and moderated by Miriha.

Here we learn more about photographer Gia Azevedo.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi my name is Gia and I'm a Brazilian photographer. I've worked in the music business and took a break to go to school. I started pursuing photography after testing a variety of creative mediums. 

What creative mediums are you into the most?

The piano and cameras, all sorts of cameras. More importantly angles - you can shift your vision with a slight shift of your frame. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My personal struggle, my own saving and our ability to create a narrative with seemingly innocuous things that are part of our every day life. 

Any upcoming projects or collaborations that you are excited about?

Yes, I recently shot a portrait series that has a deep social dynamic to challenge our pre existing concept of womanhood and the black body. I was able to work with a huge team of incredible creators, so this isn't really just my project, it's our project. The result of the work of 30 people, and I happened to be a piece of the puzzle. 

What does community mean to you?

Community is love, in a community we're able to do exist because our talents and skills can all be equally appreciated as part of a big machine with several running parts. From an autonomous and singular perspective, one needs to be good at many good things to exist, while in a communal setting, if you don't have something but I do we're able to help each other instead of suffering from lacking. 

What are you currently vibing?

Love. I don't believe I've ever been in romantic love but the love and compassion I feel for others makes me vibrate. I want to love in every way, be the way I treat people who help me bring my visions to life, the people I interact with while in public, or even people whom I've never met who've benefited from something I did. You can make such an impact on people with the smallest acts of love, and I want to make people feel that way forever. 

Dream collab – who/ what would it be?

I consider most of my work to be collaborations because I'm not perfect and when I open myself up to criticism from people I trust, I'm able to get a new perspective. With that being said I had a dream collaboration with stylist Aban Sonia & agent/producer Zoila Darton on my previously mentioned portrait project. 

Together we discussed every detail and it was so rewarding to share the excitement and final product with two women I love and respect. Winning is great, but sharing your good fortune with the people who helped you is even better. 

Any advice for someone trying to pursue their passions?

You're going to be miserable either way, might as well be miserable doing what you love, taking accountability for your mistakes and always working hard to figure things out. 

What do you hope for the future?

I know what Photography does to my soul, the peace and how it soothes me. I want to make a lot of people feel that way, I just want to help people - I feel as if I was made tough so I could take on the fights so others don't have to. 

Lastly, what are you looking forward to the most for the upcoming Reframed 'A Meeting of the Eyes' panel discussion?

Being a creative is romanticized as this state of being hopeless and in need of saving when in reality if given the tools most of us can actually pursue our goals. I hate the narrative of the artist who was once so good but wound up failing out of the industry because of less than stellar conditions. Panels are the window to the creative soul, each of the women have so much to offer. 

I've observed how much I learned and how much confidence I felt when I attended a panel, I love that I can create a platform and those in attendance will have access to an untapped fountain of knowledge. Conversations are very important and by living in community we can help each other pursue our own dream. 

Photos by Emari Traffie

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