Under The Light


The most powerful thing given to a woman is her voice, which explains why for centuries we have been silenced from just that. In “Black Feminist Thought” by Patricia Hill Collins, Collins references Alice Walker when reiterating the importance for women, especially of color, to share their experiences and stories with one another. Many of our narratives share similarities, yet it remains that our journeys to becoming are still very different, while effortlessly mirroring one another. Our exchanges in experiences begins to deconstruct the power structure of patriarchy and the oppression of women within our society.

“Under the Light” is a documentary and photo series involving 21 women of color throughout Los Angeles, representing a variety of ages and careers. Under purple and orange lights these women wear all white discussing their careers, love lives, and the lack of pressure to choose between the two in this day and age. Opening up their personal opinions and experiences, these women say what many women think and feel, but sometimes, never voice. This series presents women of color through their dynamic styles while all taking place in the same environment. It’s about having a woman provide a space for women to use their voice freely in a safe, judge-free, zone.

“Under The Light” asks five simple questions about love and career, providing new outlooks on the two subjects. As women, we see that there is no choice to be made when it comes to career and love. “Under The Light” reminds us all that we are not required to make a choice between succeeding in our career while having a fulfilling love life. Through 21 women we see the importance of self love, ambition, and determination to live as freely as any woman desires.

“A woman can have whatever she wants.”

Check out more details on the upcoming Under The Light  on 12/3 from 6-9pm here at Space 15 Twenty!