UO Interviews: ABRA


In celebration of the UO-exclusive, ROSE Limited 2XLP vinyl, we are hosting a Performance + Meet & Greet with ABRA - Darkwave Duchess of Atlanta's Awful Records- at Space 15 Twenty. Here we chat with the singer, songwriter + producer, to discover the inspiration behind her album "Rose."

Check out more details on the upcoming ABRA Performance + Meet & Greet on 10/6 from 6-9PM! 

Photos by Salim Garcia  

Hi There! Tell us a little bit about yourself – where you live and what you do! 


I live in Atlanta and I sing, produce, and make art. 

How did you get started in music? 

I've been singing forever. I started to pick up the guitar when I was 14. Up until then I had never considered myself a songwriter or even really a singer. I always thought I wanted to be a poet. But then I started doing the rap covers on the guitar and realized I really enjoy playing the guitar. But I ran out of stuff to play, so it was like, "Well, I could just write my own stuff." 

What did you grow up listening to? Do you find those artists influencing your work? 

I don't really listen to other music when I'm doing mine because I'll get sidetracked by how good theirs is and want to do what they're doing. 


But, I feel like on my last EP, PRINCESS, I referenced a lot of Britney Spears in 2000. You probably won't be able to pick up on it because the things I was referencing were her ad-libs, the way she says things, or moods that she has. There's a lot of that and then Gwen Stefani, Chaka Khan, a lot of disco music—how they enunciate, how they project their voices. I was playing with a lot of older sounds and styles of singing. 


Tell us about writing your first single from your Rose LP, Roses?  


I made Roses in ten minutes, and that’s all I remember. I remember laying down the bass line and then all of a sudden this poem I wrote like a year and a half back hit me in the head. 

What fueled the creative process for your album? 


It’s almost like a possession, like a conviction that’s so overwhelming that I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to. 

Finally, what do you hope people take away from your Live performance at Space 15 Twenty? 

Just enjoy some of the songs from Rose as much as I enjoyed making them.

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