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This month we’re excited to team up with Satsuki Shibuya — Painter, Artist and Spiritual Thinker — on a curated marketplace and discussion panel on setting intentions for the new year. Leading up to the event on January 19th, here at Space 15 Twenty, we visited each of the makers + panel speakers to learn a little bit more about them.  

Ashley Neese is a incredible force who empowers women to heal themselves. We met up with her to discuss her practice, what she loves most about it and her goals for 2017. 

Can you introduce yourself please: tell us more about who you are, where you’re from, and what you do? 

I’m Ashley, a breathwork teacher and intuitive counselor based in Los Angeles. Learning to use the power of my own breath to clear, heal and empower every aspect of my life is why I am called to share these accessible and life changing practices with as many people as possible. 

What led you into your creative career? Was it something you always knew you wanted to do, or did you stumble into it? 

I began my journey into meditation and yoga fifteen years ago while in art school and have been a devoted student ever since. I’ve wanted to be of service in the world since I was a child. I’ve always been drawn to helping people and love to connect through shared experiences and meaningful conversations. 

What are you working on right now: what projects are holding the most focus? 

The biggest project on my plate right now is my first book. It’s a modern mediation guide of breathwork techniques, poetry, and photography. The book feels like a culmination of everything I have been studying and teaching for the last decade and I am very excited to bring it into the world. 

I am also working on developing a series of workshops on breathwork and energy medicine that will eventually roll out into a teacher training program. I’ve got really big dreams! 

What do you love most about what you do? 

I love expressing what is really going on in my life and holding space for others to do the same. There aren’t enough safe places in the world where we can show our true colors and feel supported. This is at the crux of why I am called to the work that I do. Holding space for clients to connect with their breath and energy in a grounded and loving environment sets the stage for radical transformation on every level. I cannot tell you how many people I’ve worked with that have been to a long list of therapists, doctors, and healers without really feeling seen, heard, or supported. This level of awareness and compassion is at the heart of my breathwork practice and is what keeps me inspired to dive deeper into this work every year. 

What are you looking forward to in 2017? What are some goals for yourself and your work? 

I am looking forward to supporting amazing clients, teaching new classes, writing, traveling, deepening my relationships, hanging out in nature, and taking lots of time to rest and recharge. These last few years have been very outward facing for my life and business and this year my goal is to be more inward, taking more time for myself. This also means saying no a little more and conserving energy. 

Tell us about what inspires you. How do you find new inspiration? 

I am constantly inspired by nature. I love listening to podcasts. My friends and family are also huge sources of inspiration. 
Have you ever found yourself in a creative rut? If so, tell us how you managed to get out of it. 

Yes, I have. When I’m in those places where I feel stuck creatively I always turn to my breathwork practice. Over the years I’ve found it is the quickest way to move energy, clear blocks, and tap right back into my creativity. 
What's been the biggest turning point for you so far in your career? 
I’ve been on a creative path for as long as I can remember and have had many turning points. From moving to Berlin, to teaching in Canada, to living in a tiny coastal town in Northern California, there have been so many pivotal moments on my journey. The biggest turning point recently has been to omit distractions out of my life and focus on my breathwork practice and writing. I find it’s all too easy to get caught up in rushing around trying to do too many things. I’m interested in going slow, taking my time and becoming a master. This is a lost art in itself and something we as individuals and collectively need to tap back into. 
How do you define success? 
Feeling joyful in my life. Being surrounded by loved ones. Having time to explore the things that matter to me. Catching myself in behaviors I want to shift and changing them in the moment. Practicing gratitude. Keeping my heart open. Feeling supported, seen, and heard in the world. 
You've learned a lot in the journey of your career. If you could share one piece of wisdom with aspiring creatives, what would it be? 

Trust yourself. 

You can find Ashley here at Space 15 Twenty on Saturday January 21, 2017 from 1-5pm for the Satuski Shibuya Marketplace. Check out more details on the event using the link below.  

Satuski Shibuya Moment Marketplace  

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