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"You are a symphony," says Azalea Lee, former wardrobe stylist and costume designer turned crystal healer and metaphysical jewelry designer.  In anticipation for the new moon, we stepped inside her crystal haven Place 8 Healing – located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles – to talk about her purpose in helping others grow and becoming happier and more fulfilled individuals through the world of her crystal healing practice. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background! 

My name is Azalea Lee. I am a crystal healer. I used to be a stylist but found my true calling working with the mineral kingdom to help people have happier and more fulfilled lives. But I am still connected to my fashion roots through my metaphysical fine jewelry line As Above So Below
How did Place 8 Healing come to life? 

I had always been a spiritual seeker, but not into crystals so much because I wasn't sure where people were getting their information them. It was a little too "For the Bible tells me so." I didn't know where people got their information about the metaphysical properties of specific crystals since were so varied and sometimes way to generic of a response. But I knew they had powers so I was started to make metaphysical jewelry for myself using my own intuition of which stones I was drawn to. I loved the idea of making metaphysical jewelry for other people. But all the metaphysical jewelry I had found was poorly made or not my style. So I decided to take a crystal healing course to see if I could see if I had any connection to the crystals. In my first course, I immediately saw that I understood intimately how the crystals worked and how to work with them. It was at that moment that I realized I had finally found my life's calling and within a year and a half, I had opened Place 8 Healing as a space to do crystal healings in.   

What drew you to working with crystals? Can you share more about their properties? 
We know scientifically that everything is a vibration. Each human being has lots of vibrations they are emanating from their individual organs, from feelings in their gut, thoughts in their mind, etc. All together, each human being is a symphony of vibrations. But some of those vibrations can be out of key! So if I bring in a crystal, which has a specific, simplified vibration, the crystal can then act as a "tuning fork" of sorts to help bring the vibration in the person to the right resonance. So crystals can work with all levels of yourself from anxiety, finding your own calling, opening your heart, helping to sort out emotions, and understand your life in general. 
What role do they play in your healing process? 

 As crystals are like "tuning forks," I use the crystals to help "tune" a person's vibrations. I often describe my work as part being on a sound board where I am "tweaking" the levels with crystals to help make someone's music come out more brilliantly.  E.g. Maybe someone needs "less treble," "more bass," "less reverb," etc. Being familiar with the different properties of all the different crystals helps me tune people to a fine degree. 
How do you choose the perfect crystal? 

The best way to choose a crystal for yourself is just to pick the crystal you are most attracted to. You may be thinking that you like a crystal just for its aesthetics, but you are actually picking up on the metaphysical properties as well. Also, avoid synthetically or heat-treated crystals like Aqua Aura, Titanium Aura, and heat-treated citrine.   
Any recommendations or must-haves for the total beginner? 

I call these crystals The Essential Three  because of their daily usefulness as crystals. 

ROSE QUARTZ resonates with the highest vibration in the Universe, love. Working with rose quartz supports the generation of more love for ourselves and others. BLACK TOURMALINE is a stone for protection from negative energies transmuting them to neutral or positive energies. Excellent for negativity coming from other people or even from one's self. HEMATITE fosters a deep and important energetic connection to Mother Earth through grounding. Grounding in this way strengthens energetic boundaries and supports the energy of physical safety in this world while increasing capacity for deeper psychic and spiritual development.  
Can you tell us about your first healing experience? 

In my first crystal healing I ever received, I found myself (in my visions) floating in the pool in front of my teachers apartment. My teacher asked me where I was and I told her I was in her pool. When she asked me why, I said I didn't know. She left me there for a moment while I felt quite puzzled at the mundane vision of me floating face down, looking through the odd greenish-blue water pools have with my limbs floating all akimbo as they do when trying to float face down in water. Then a profound realization dawned on me. I realized as I got older and more busy, I had stopped spending time in water. As a little kid, I obsessively watched "Flipper," on family vacations my parents used just leave me with the lifeguard because I would happily spend the whole day at the pool pretending to be a mermaid, and I was on the swim team in high school. I had always loved being immersed in water. As I got older, I stopped being in water because my life was filled with adult responsibilities. But in that moment in my crystal healing session I learned how deeply important it was for me to be in water. It's something I psychically need and is deeply healing for me. 
Any advice for someone wanting to try it out for the first time? 

Be rested before you go in and rest after your crystal healing. Be open. If you try to control what kind of healing you want (e.g. like what kind of visions you'll get, what exactly you want to be healed) you won't get a deep healing. I'm working with the wisdom of your higher self and what is most important for your soul's healing. As long as your open and ready to go on your journey, or even if you're just curious, you can have an intensely deep experience. There might be life-changing experience that will make you laugh and cry at the same time! 
As a Healer, do you ever feel affected by all the energy you are surrounded by? 

No. I don't take on people's energies during crystal healings so I don't get psychically drained from it. But I do need to be very, very present with my clients when they are getting their healings because a lot of important things are coming up during the healing and my job is to hold space and help with the crystals. It's very much like a doctor going into surgery... I need to be very attentive and at my best. But after putting so much focus on someone else and their healing I will need time just to be by myself and my own energy. That can just mean me quietly cuddling with my pets while I'm knitting! 
Lastly, there is a full moon right around the corner!  Any tips for a simple full moon ritual? 
The new moon marks when the moon is in complete shadow and the pivot point as it moves to growing into the full moon. This is also known as a "waxing" moon. You use the push of the waxing energies of the moon for manifesting or anything else that needs to be brought into reality. A simple ceremony involves using a stone that is a good creation stone.  
On the night of the full moon, take a cleansed crystal ideally where it can receive contact with the night sky (if not, moonlight through a windowsill will also work.) Place a note underneath the crystal with what you want the crystal to help you manifest during its time of waxing. Light a candle and/or burn some incense as you meditate on the intention of what you want to manifest in your life. Say a prayer of gratitude for the help of your crystal, for the energies of the moon, and to yourself for setting the intention. Let the candle or incense burn overnight. Collect your crystal the next morning and place in a sacred spot inside to allow it to exude its vibrations to you until the full moon.

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