UO Interviews: B. Cool-Aid



This Saturday, Space 15 Twenty is hosting a Local Heroes Performance with B. Cool-Aid (Pink Siifu & Ahwlee) of Akashik Records & Tapes featuring special guests Vertiqua and Ssakanoi.

Before interviewing B. Cool-Aid, we took the time to check out the 15 minute music video "BRWN", a spot-on visual image of the 10 track album filmed and directed by Alima Lee and Ringgo (Founders of Akashik Records & Tapes). For those who are still discovering LA, this video was a fantastic "locals only" tour from cruising down Compton Ave to posting up at Watt's Coffee House. It's clear that B. Cool-Aid is about community, and based on their lyrics, clarity. 

Check out more details on the upcoming Local Heroes: B. Cool-Aid Performance on 10/18 at Space 15 Twenty!

Photo by Jack Mckain


Where did the name B. Cool-Aid come from/ What does it stand for?

Pink Siifu: B. Stands for BRWN. We as black kings thought it was important to highlight the beauty and shade of the skin we in. BRWN Cool-Aid is a mix of all colors all flavors. Basically at the end of the day everybody Black lol even if they don't want to be.

Your new record is entitled "BRWN". What does that represent?

Pink Siifu: Black People and the world we in.The beautiful and ugly.

For those who are not familiar with B. Cool-Aid, how would you describe your sound to them?

Pink Siifu: Eye would describe our sound like a cookout, house party, or seeing yo crush get they hair braided on a porch in the summer. To me, our sound is like a representation of the culture, basically what melanin sounds like lol.

Ahwlee: It's soul music. Both Pink and I have spent a decent portion of our lives in the south and Midwest. I’m blending that experience with what’s important today.

It's always interesting to know the production process for a group. it's almost like the chicken vs. egg debate. What comes first the beat or lyrics/idea? How do you both create a song?

Ahwlee:  We get tracks done a lot of different ways honestly. Sometimes Pink has a verse ready and i throw beats at him, or i’ll flip vocal tracks he has recorded already. We give the moment whatever it calls for.

We noticed Martin Lawrence samples from his stand up show featured on your new record. What's your favorite 'Martin' episode?

Pink Siifu: My favorite is when Martin and Gina were going back and forth on how they met and Martin was mad dramatic and adding extra shit in the story lol. Also when he thought his homies stole from him just cause they looked mad fly at the table in all black.


When performing live, what do you normally try to make the audience take home with them? What's the lasting impression you want?

Ahwlee: Every crowd is different but I want people walking away feeling  s o m e t h i n g/anything. I want them to walk away feeling the joy I feel through music.


Lastly, what have you recently been listening to?

Pink Siifu: Roy Ayers, Maxo, Sun Ra, Mutant Academy, Swarvy, Standing on the Corner, Jon Bap, old Jill Scott, Dwele, Fatima, Sa-Ra always, Joy Postell, Feeniks, King Krule, Iman Omari, Quelle Chris, Denmark Vessey, and Liv.e.

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