UO Interviews: Barbara Szabo of Emo Nite


We were so excited to team up with Emo Nite at Space 15 Twenty for a weekend of pop-up shops, yoga, music, photobooths, and more! To learn more about what Emo Nite is all about, we sat down with founder Barbara Szabo.

Can you share a little more about yourself + your background? 
In college, I studied journalism and also worked at Sony Music as well as Anthropologie (Urban fam!). After graduating, I worked at Creative Artists Agency is digital strategy and music touring. While working there, I met TJ, who is one of the other founders of Emo Nite and Ride or Cry, at my dear friend Ari's birthday party. We sang Dashboard Confessional karaoke together. Shortly thereafter I started working with him at a small digital agency. Morgan, the third founder of EN and ROC worked in the same building as us, so that's where we all met.
What is Emo Nite? How did the project start? 
Emo Nite started out as an event in Los Angeles where we invited people to come out to a bar and listen to our favorite emo and pop punk songs. In the past 2 and a half years, the event has expanded to about 25 cities. We also have a clothing line that started as a single t-shirt and has expanded to about 20 pieces, including shirts, sweaters, hats, pins and jackets.
How do you define “emo” ? 
Emo means something different to everyone. That's what is so great about it. There is not really a way to define it - it's a feeling, a lifestyle.
What music/bands/songs are (for you personally) the most nostalgic? 
None of this music is nostalgic to me. I've continued to listen to bands like The Used, Circa Survive and Paramore through the years. It has always been my favorite kind of music. Of course, the meaning of certain songs changes meaning to me over time, but they don't become nostalgic.
Can you share more about your upcoming events at Space 15 Twenty? 
This weekend, we have a pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty. We're really excited about it. We're bringing out some of our favorite bands to play live, and we'll also have some really cool DJs. We'll have free PBR, art installations, emo yoga, and a live taping of our podcast with a super special guest. Really looking forward to it!
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