UO Interviews: Esty

In anticipation of Well, Damn Night In: An Experimental Wellness Event, hosted by Morgan Lynzi, we profiled a couple of the event's contributors about their creative process and wellness routines. Prior to her performance, Esty graced us with some words on her background and process. 
Introduce yourself to us! What do you do? Where are you from?
I’m a Dominican singer-songwriter and guitarist from Providence, Rhode Island.
When was the first moment you remember wanting to be a musician?
It was the moment I stepped off the stage at summer camp after performing a capella in front of 50 plus kids. I was extremely nervous, but the applause after -- even though I wasn't very good -- made it all so worth doing. I was 12 then, but it wasn't until 16 when I started playing the guitar so that I could accompany myself. But a capella? Never again. [laughs]
How does music influence your personal style and vice versa?
I look at is as different moods. It influences my style of writing at times, so I always make sure to wear something I feel confident in. 
What have been some of the challenges you've faced in creating music and putting this music out into the world?
Learning, and practicing patience. It has taken me awhile to understand that there is a process and that it’s a team effort. Everyone plays their part in the process of finalizing a record. I’m realizing that I can’t get to the finish line without running the race. There’s still more work to do, when you get there but it’s absolutely worth it.
What do wellness and happiness mean to you?
I feel like one doesn't work without the other. Wellness is coming to an understanding that I was given one body, so naturally, you want to treat it right -- find out what works for you, what doesn't, and listening to your body. Happiness means gratitude and giving thanks every single day.
How do you practice wellness daily?
When I wake up, I try not to look at my phone first thing. I'll make some tea and sit at my kitchen table, close my eyes, give thanks and pray. This is on a good day. [laughs]
What's coming up on the horizon for you musically? New songs? New projects?
I've just released a new project called ' athartic', so I'm just focusing on perfecting my live shows at the moment. But, I will forever be writing. I tend to get down on myself when I don't.
What are your happiness goals for 2018?
To live a life in where I stop comparing my journey to the journey of others, drink more water, and truly trust in the process.
What is your dream musical collaboration?
Ok, its shared between Kendrick Lamar and Tyler the Creator. Tyler is low-key, so underrated, man. Both are actual musical beasts.
Connect with Esty here: http://estyofficial.com/
Follow Esty on Instagram: @esty