UO Interviews: Gloria Noto


This week we visited Gloria Noto- Los Angeles based makeup artist and fine artist to chat about her upcoming Agender Oil Launch and Art Auction here at Space 15 Twenty.


Tell us a little bit about yourself! How did you get your start with Noto Botanics? 

I had been creating natural mixtures for myself for a while. I made my Rooted Oil as a scent originally, and would get stopped all of the time by people or friends asking what I was wearing.  They literally would run up to me, smell me, and beg me to have it available for them.  That was a nice kick for my confidence to feel like it was time to start this brand.  I had wanted to do it for a while, but after a few years of gathering formulas , ideas, and knowledge- along with a huge shift in my ideas of what I wanted out of my life - I started the line.  I am a makeup artist, so in addition to doing NOTO, I am on set working on photoshoots or red carpet events.  The beauty and advertising industry can ironically be quite toxic in concept as well as ingredients.  I wanted to give back in a way that I knew how - and by putting out a product that is pure and good to you and the environment, mixed with art direction and imagery that goes beyond the norm, I am doing that.  


Was this something that you had always wanted to pursue? 


In a way yes.  Something that I have always wanted to pursue was living my life how I chose to.  Doing what I want in my days and having the ability to be inspired and work with friends.  So yes, in theory this is exactly what I have wanted to do.  With NOTO I am able to do this , as well as put something out that I truly believe works, gives results, makes people feel good, and does good.  Giving back is also something that I always wanted and want to pursue.  Giving back by allowing people to see that beauty is a broad term, and to show the levels of that is important to me.  As well as creating a product , our newest , called Agender Oil - which is a total non profit oil that goes towards supporting rotating organizations, panel discussions, events etc. that have to do with equality and other social concerns is another way I am striving to give back. 


What's been the inspiration behind the line? 


I wanted to put out a product that was clean and pure for our bodies and our senses, in addition gentle to our environment.  I wanted to cultivate community through this brand, by brining people together in different ways and inspiring one another to not just look good but do good.  I wanted to put out branding images that would show the many ways that beauty is shared, regardless of gender, age, race,  


Tell us more about Agender Oil. 


Agender Oil is an all over hair + body oil.  You can apply this oil to your head hair, leg hair, underarm hair, pubic hair, face hair, etc.  Anywhere you decide to grow hair, as well as on the skin.  This oil is made of Organic hemp oil along with the perfect balance of smokey Vetiver and soft Lavender oil.  This oil celebrates all identities.  100 percent of the profits made from sales will go towards funding rotating organizations like Planned Parenthood, the LGBTQ Youth Center, The Woman's Shelter etc.  I want to be able to curate fundraisers, panel discussions, donations, etc. via this product.  To launch, we are curating a silent art auction and party which will raise funds and awareness for women's non profit on Feb 18th. I am looking forward to doing much more! 


What do you hope for people to take away at your upcoming Agender Oil Launch and fundraiser here at Space 15 Twenty? 


I hope they take away a new bottle of Agender oil and a piece of art ! haha, which would mean we did our job in raising money for Planned Parenthood.  I also hope people take away some inspiration in knowing that you can give back in ways that are familiar to you.  Anyone can cultivate aid and help for things they believe in. In addition, I hope people leave having a had a great time, maybe met a few new friends and shared some good times with old friends and maybe learned a thing or two about what Planned Parenthood stands for and it's importance for not only Woman, but over all well being of our health and rights.  


Lastly, if there is one thing you can change what would it be? 


That all of our leaders could have great empathy so their decisions could be based around the overall well being of our civilization and globe - and to have more female leaders :). 


Check out more details on the Noto Botanics Agender Release Party 


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