UO Interviews: Morgan Lynzi

Thursday, March 15th, Morgan Lynzi is hosting Well, Damn Night In: An Experimental Wellness Event at Space 15 Twenty Gallery. To get some background on Lynzi's career and personal commitment to wellness, we sat down to chat about her inspiration and platform, Well Damn.
Introduce yourself! Who are you? What do you do?
I’m Morgan Lynzi! A hyper, mixed TV host, producer, storyteller, creator and founder of Well Damn, a multimedia lifestyle platform driven by wellness for millennials and the next generation. A modern guide to a #welldamn good life.
What was your introduction to the television and media world? What was your breakout hosting role that set the stage for the work you do today?
My IRL introduction was when my mom brought me to the Baywatch set she was working on in the 90's as a costumer. Story goes I was very “personable," some of the industry people on set set me up for my first agency meeting ,and the rest is history. When it comes to initial inspiration, my love for storytelling and capturing others stories has been fueled by a heavy dose of classic films, which then shifted to documentaries...and then a whole lot of Oprah. This combo at young age really fed my love for storytelling, insatiable curiosity, and validated my belief that there was a place to be curious about people and passionate about connecting deeply and make a career out of it.
Where in LA did you grow up? How has your upbringing influenced your work and perspective on the world?
I was born in Culver City and have grown up in different cities in LA County. I was raised by two generations of strong mixed women with roots spanning the Caribbean, to Portugal, to India, and this non-conforming, global upbringing really nourished my inner outlier and cultivated my originality. I never felt discouraged at home. My family really embraced and fueled my obsession with asking questions, altruism, person growth, speaking, and writing at a very young age...even when they wished I'd shut up (HAHA).
What was the inspiration for Well Damn? What is it you ultimately aim to do with this platform?
Well Damn was born out of my desire for a modern lifestyle platform that actually felt and looked like the amazing diverse, smart, edgy and deep young people around me and opened up the conversation about lifestyle and 'living your best life' to something deeper and more meaningful. I like to think that Well Damn is lifestyle done right, from the inside out. It's a podcast, channel, and now event series meant to connect and empower everyone to create their own version of a #welldamn good life.
What has been your favorite gig thus far? What's your dream gig?
I LOVED traveling to Korea to host a special series with FOX International StyleSetter. It was such an incredible experience that allowed me to practice my Korean language skills and ability to work under pressure. My dream gig is obviously having original concept hosted/produced shows on different platforms, but ultimately having a production company to call my own shots and also empower the amazing voices around me is the real dream.
What does wellness mean to you?
Creating your own #welldamn good life on your terms independent of any outside voices that is aligned from the inside out.
What motivates you and keeps you humble in your work? How do you stay confident?
That my gifts and drive are bigger than just "I want to be in front of a camera." We all have a sacred dream that's been implanted in us that is meant to serve the world, doesn’t matter how big or small. Knowing that I'm a vehicle for impact and empowerment motivates me and takes the ego out of what I’m doing. It’s lot easier to be confident with that in mind.
What are your wellness goals for 2018?
What tip or trick would you suggest to someone who is just beginning to build their own wellness routine?
GO SLOW. Take time to discover what makes you feel like you're living a damn good life. Real change is implemented over time. Take the times to figure out what actually makes YOU feel good instead of following what your family, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or favorite celeb says.
Connect with Morgan here: https://welldamnlifestyle.com/
Follow Morgan on Instagram: @morganlynzi
Photos by Tiga at The Graceland Inn.