UO Interviews: Nada Alic of Society6


In anticipation of Girls Art Now! by Society6 and Sexy Beast, we are conducting a series of interviews with some of the organizers and artists involved in bringing the show to life. First up is Nada Alic, Editorial Director at Society6! She gave us some background on the show concept, as well as how this collaboration with Sexy Beast came to life:

What is Society6? What's your mission?
Society6 is a print on demand marketplace for over 300k independent artist and designers. How it works is artists upload their designs and artwork on their shops and it then becomes available on +40 unique products from tech accessories to wall art to home goods. Every purchase pays an artist. Our mission is to empower independent artists to profit from their work and reach a bigger audience than they ever thought possible. You can find out more here.  
How did the idea for Girls Art Now! come about?
Girls Art Now! came about after I started noticing how our community of women artists were posting artwork in response to big cultural moments like Nasty Woman and the Women’s March. Protest art featuring empowering messages played a big role not only at the marches but in everyday life and I wanted to create a space to unpack that. Activism in art is only one part of the summit, it’s more about women’s evolving roles as artists in 2018. There are obviously so many facets to being a woman and a creative, and often one informs the other. 
We’re really connected to the art community, especially here in LA and most of my friends are artists so these kinds of topics started coming up, things like: inverting the male gaze, what feminist art means, how to find community and get out of your studio/bedroom/comfort zone and meet other artists. I think it’s super important to create space to get people together to learn from one another, get inspired and make new connections. 
Tell us more about SexyBeast LA. How did Society 6 choose this [amazing] organization out of all the orgs doing great work in LA?
I found out about Sexy Beast on Instagram because of the t-shirt collaboration they did with Jenny Holzer and Virgil Abloh and I reached out to them earlier this year with a vague idea to do a collaboration. For those who don’t know, Sexy Beast is an arts organization that raises money for Planned Parenthood LA through a biennial art benefit and through artist collaborations. We we talking with Space 15 Twenty in tandem to do some kind of event activation and I was like, let’s just bring everyone together! Sexy Beast is a natural fit for us to support because we both work with artist communities, so it’s kind of the perfect partnership. Also they’re amazing women who work incredibly hard and care so much about what they do which is just an inspiring energy to be around. 
What are you looking forward to most about Girls Art Now!?
I’m most looking forward to hearing from all of our incredible speakers and performers. You never know with organizing events (especially one that’s never happened before) who will want to participate. It plays into my very real fear about planning a birthday party and no one showing up! To my surprise, everyone was pumped. I’m still not over the fact that we booked MUNA and Kate Berlant and Aparna Nancherla, they’re some of my favorite performers, it’s insane. I think everyone was just super excited to support Planned Parenthood and meet other women creatives. I’m looking forward to all of the new connections we’ll make through it. 
What do you hope is the biggest take away from the show?
I hope that this is the start of a growing community of women artists in LA. Ultimately, I want artists to meet and connect and learn from one another. Through Society6, I want to continue to pursue resources, opportunities and partnerships that support and elevate women artists and I hope this event is just the start of that. 
Buy tickets now, before they sell out! 100% of the proceeds from the ticket sales and the artwork for sale will go to Sexy Beast for Planned Parenthood LA! If you want to learn more about the event, you can go to this page, and if you want to find out more about who’s speaking, go here

photos by Andrea Nakhla