UO Interviews: Shaman Durek

In anticipation of Well, Damn Night In: An Experimental Wellness Event, hosted by Morgan Lynzi, we profiled a couple of the event's contributors about their creative process and wellness routines. Prior to his talk, "Living Authentically AF," Shaman Durek graced us with some words on his background, as well as his thoughts on wellness and happiness. 
Tell us about yourself! Who are you? What do you do?
My name is Shaman Durek and I am a third-generation shaman. I am an activist for women, an evolutionary innovator.
How did you become introduced to spirituality? When did you realize this would become a career path for you?
When I was 5 years old -- My family comes from Ghana, and shamanism was a huge part of my family ancestry; my mother is an oracle. I realized it was a career path whild I was training in shamanism at 13 years old. I knew that I could help the world. 
What was growing up in this way like for you?
I come from a long lineage of shamans from Africa, as well as religious figures and spiritualists, on both my mother and father's side of the family. It was a bit of a challenge because I didn't lead a normal childhood. I spent most of my time in study and practice, which took up most of my childhood. Learning about spiritality in my home was the main focus, so I felt alienated from other kids and often alone.
What does wellness mean to you?
A mindset of the values and principles by which to govern life/being in the awareness of the need for harmony and balance in our internal and external systems, as well as conversation and social conduct creates an overall picture of wellness from my point of view.
How do you practice wellness daily?
I practice it by operating from shamanic movement exercises as well as checking in with my needs of inner harmony. From eating raw food and juicing, to taking ormus from Now Alchemy and taking my healing earth powders from Elemental Wisdom. With this combo of care and observance of both my energy and mood, it gives me an overall feeling of where I'm at in my wellness towards myself. How I conduct myself in the world socially gives me a gauge on how much I am taking care of my needs so I can give to others.
What does it mean to you to be a women's empowerment leader? Why is this important to you?
Women are the cornerstones of society. They were the first teachers upn arrival on earth; women teaching the lifecode will ensure a better future for our planet. Women have the ability to see the dangers that are posed in any situation which will help us navigate ourselves as a species. All of these are functioning components of survival for women and mankind on planet earth. s a shaman I am a steward of life and spirit and nature, here to ensure the survival and preservation of all life. This is why women are important to me. 
What is the most challenging part of your career?
I go to countries where there are major threats both to me physically, emotionally, mentally, such as war, bombs, tear gas. Also, being a shaman requires you to be able to be strong in your character because you are dealing with major power players in the world. It is also a challenge to maintain my own energy structure and my own well being while being pulled on by people constantly.
How do you define happiness?
I define it as a state of seeing and witnessing endless possibility in all directions of life. A childlike energy that knows no bounds because one feels a sense of unconditional love and well being.
What are your spiritual goals for 2018?
To be able to create a supportive network for people in shamanism as a lifestyle choice, partnering with other thought leaders to create a module for growth and acceleration both physically and spiritually, and therefore creating a unified web of conscious intelligence expanding globally. Utilizing my social connections and influence to bring people who are not seen in the spiritual world into leadership. Also supporting companies that are conscious and getting them in the eyesight of public figures I am connected to, to bring awareness to their products and their industry.
What some daily practices would you recommend to someone looking to get in touch with their personal spirituality?
First is to remove any drama from your life. Cleaning house is having a no drama zone policy and no abuse policy for you and anyone around you. Also an ease in grace policy -- Anything that feels stressful that's not playful and joyful and fun, you don't do. In other words, if it doesn't inspire it's time to retire.
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