UO Interviews: The Scribble Room


The Scribble Room- A collective of artists and intellectual thinkers here to promote balance and stability to what's broken and move culture's current.


This week we are getting ready for a 3 Day pop up with The Scribble Room which consists of LA creatives: Devin Johnson, Chase Johnson, Kristopher Young, Mizan Bright, Dominique Columbus and Aldre Michael Williams. Here we learn a little more about them and chat about the upcoming event.



Hi There! Tell us a little bit about yourselves.


DBJ- Hey Im DBJ and Im an artist of many hats. 


CAJ- Well, I was blessed to be 66, therefore, I am truly all my brothers keepers. I also value the art and tradition of storytelling; stories that can be told not necessarily with speech and the motion of ones lips, but with the eyes, the vision of ones imagination. Humanity and the betterment of the world is my vision.


AW- Hey I'm Aldre Williams I make music I'm From Los Angeles And I'm a Lover.  


MB- Mizan Bright is a designer/creative director from Los Angeles. 


KY- Grandfather. is an Altadena based visual artist/musician.  


DC- I am an actor and filmmaker who focuses purely on helping people reach their highest optimal level as a human being.  


What creative mediums make up your identity? 


DBJ- My paints, my mind and God. A trifecta that wont be broken. 


CAJ- Writing, Filmmaking, Being Chase: The Main Sklounse 


AW- Music, Writing, I dance as well  


MB- Drawing, painting, creative directing, and designing clothes. 


KY- Film/Photography, Poetry, Drawing/Painting, Sonics.  


DC- Acting, Filmmaking, and Motivational Speaking 


How did The Scribble Room form? 


DBJ- It started as an idea to create a platform to show the in-between episodes of creating any kind of piece. The raw ideas and the completed outcome doesn't always arrive linear. Revisions and new ideas always arise in the artists process. We liked this idea to that of the scribble. The scribble is raw in creative effort, it can not be duplicated, it moves forward and backwards. Any one can do it! even an infant.  


AW- Well the universe put us here really. 


MB- This started out with small group discussions on how we could build a community via showcasing our talents and building on the current state of worldly affairs all while keeping it pure like when we were children.


KY- I became involved with The Scribble Room inevitably from being good friends with all those involved. Chase, Devin, AldreMizan, Dominique and I all share the common goal of perpetual progression.  


DC- My brothers and I all have our own companys, and we decided to create our own All Star” team, that unites us all together to accomplish what ever we need done. We all have our individual talents and gifts, so coming together allows us to create whatever we want simply because we all have the resources to accommodate each others talents, allowing us to manifest what we want at a faster rate.  


4. Whats your favorite color? 


DBJ- Currently its Green. 


CAJ- Blue, cuhz! 


AW- Grey  


MB- Grey


KY- However Im feeling that day 


DC- Blue   


Whats the working dynamic like between everyone? 


DBJ- We usually work separately throughout the week or some us work on other content together, We come together at the end with projects we completed  


CAJ- What do you mean work? Who works? 


AMW- Consistent and as constant as the northern star.  


MB- Sometimes working as a whole, sometimes working separately, then coming together in the end to over intellectualize over the finished product. 


KY- Always honest.  


DC- Everyone is their own individual, the main focus is to not step on any toes, while continuing to create things that are universal enough for everyone to connect with.  


Who inspires you and why? 


CAJ- My family, Nature; all because its what I derive from. For me to understand myself, I must first understand and respect these individuals and entities.


MB- I am inspired by all of gods creations. 


KY- Im inspired by the wind.  


DC- Im inspired by greatness, I study great people and see what they all have in common, I dissect their patterns and how they operated. Then I take some of those traits/mindsets, and apply it to my self. But to be more specific, I am inspired by, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Dre, Leonardo DiCaprio, Enzo Ferrari, Floyd Mayweather, Tai Lopez, and Gary Vee. 


What are you currently listening to right now? 


DBJ- Funk, Soul, Experimental, Jazz… I like to be rooted in real music I can feel. It moves the heart and soul. 


CAJ- African Funk and Folk, Congo Jazz, That yung’ Kendrick, Mac DeMarco and my homies. 


AW- The sounds of the World And sometimes my Mom.  


MB- Aldre Michael Williams, Brother, Tairiq And Garfield and my intuition.  


DC- Motivational Videos, Bruce Lee, Big Sean, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Kaytranada, and samba music. 


Individuality, what does it mean to you? 


DBJ- Be yourself unapologetically, that where happiness lives first. Its important to not cheat yourself in wanting to achieve your desires in life. 


CAJ- Be yourself, for its good for your health, however, one may not find wealth in the material things but if they such internal they will uncover the gold. 


AW- Aldre Williams  


MB-To me individuality means to take pride in embodying your imagination and not letting anyone tell you otherwise. 


DC- Going inward, realizing what your true thoughts and feelings are, then expressing that in the most honest way as possible. When we are honest, we are ourselves.  


Wheres the future going? 


DBJ- If more examples of small communities keep forming structure on the ground, the foundation will be strong enough to hold the much stronger future.  


CAJ- Forward, expand, bringing forth all the tribes and communities to want to know each other, work with each other, grow together and not apart. I feel that this is expressed with art. 


AW- Into the Sun Into the light  


MB- Only time will tell. 


KY- Somewhere closer to freedom.  


DC- TODAY CREATES TOMORROW! So depending on what you do today, will determine what will happen to you tomorrow.  


 Lastly, tell us what you hope for people to take away from this upcoming Scribble Room Pop-Up? 


DBJ- I just hope we can all talk, share a little two step on the dance, give back to the community and have fun at the same time. We don't bite! 


CAJ- We, not I, hope that those who attend, leave this space with a restored since of strength. A strength no longer governed by fear, which clouds the minds eye of the dreamer and prevents them from manifesting all that they deserve. So, in better words, I want people to realize that everything is made with that being said, Make a better a reality, a stronger world, Human Beings with a conscious that never turns off.”  


AW- People will take away something they never had before a better understanding of who the Scribble Room is a little more about artist and a little about what the future holds  

they will learn the powers we as young humans . 


MB- I hope for people to get a better understanding of the individuals that make up this tribe called The Scribble Room.  


DC- Simply to help them reach their highest level as a human being. I want people to see that were not supposed to be put in a box. We are non linear human beings, just like the scribbles, we are free, and we are supposed to live life with playability.  


Check out more on the upcoming Scribble Room Pop-Up here!


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