UO Interviews: This Repair Shop


Slinging vintage ain't no thing for This Repair Shop. We chatted with the woman behind it all about her experiences and upcoming Urban Renewal customization event here at Space 15 Twenty.


Hi There! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do! 

I am the one person sweatshop for TRS. I embroider and remake used clothing and sell vintage 
How long have you been slinging vintage?


I've been buying vintage since high school- mid 90s but did not start slinging it til 3 years ago as a fun side project.
What lead to the creation of This Repair Shop? 


I have been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years now and I started TRS is a creative outlet, I love designing but I was not getting my fix from my 9-5 so I went home after my day job and worked on what I really wanted….  A lot of people think I I am a auto repair shop but nope….. I just repair old clothes with mending, patches and embroidery 
How did you stumble upon embroidery?

I like learning different crafts and I just thought, I have all the pieces to start something- a needle and thread.   

Its funny, when I start something new I tend to go with the motto ‘ go big or go home’ so my 1st embroidery piece took be a year to do-  it was inspired by my friends tiger tattoo and I decided to recreate something similar for my denim jacket.  After that I kind of took a break from it mostly bc I didn’t know what I wanted to do next.  

I was going thru a lot of crazy CRAZY 2 years ago and I used embroidery as a form of therapy. Its not the most conventional but it helped me get thru some hard times.  And it has helped me create something I never saw coming… sorry cheezy 
Do you dabble in other creative crafts? 

Between my fulltime job, TRS and OR, I might die if I dabble :/ but if I did I would whittle. 
How would you describe your aesthetic? 

hummm…. My aesthetic…. It’s a little bit grandma and a lot grandpa….  
Traveling goals – what are they? 

I dream of driving to all 50 states…. Well maybe not Alaska or Hawaii but you get what I mean.  This country has is so beautiful we forget that when we make travel plans 
Describe your perfect day. 

Let me just preface that I use to work for a Surf Company and I hated surf day because I hated being out in the sun so much.

My perfect day is waking up and having breakfast in my back yard and looking at all my overgrown weeds or dead weeds depends on the time of year and then heading out to  Cresent Bay Beach and lying out for the afternoon listening to a my 90s jams. 
Any advice for young creatives? 

It's cheesy but…. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can't do it… even yourself.  We tend to hold ourselves back.  And make shit you like not what you think others will like because in the end your opinion should be the only one that really matters 
Lastly, what does the future look like? 

My future has a lot of good meals in it. If I have a good meal, it’s a good day.


Check out more details on the Urban Renewal Customization event here!


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