UO Interviews: Whitney Olson

Spring into this brand new season with a fresh face! To get a professional opinion on how to do right by our skin, we spoke with Whitney Olson about best skincare and makeup practices, and got a sneak peek at some of her favorite products.
Tell us your name and what you do!
My name is Whitney Olson. I am a Makeup Artist/Beauty Consultant based in Los Angeles, CA.
What's your daily skincare/makeup routine?
Cleansing comes first, then moisturizing, and I always apply SPF.
As for makeup, personally I try to keep it very minimal. Initially I cover any 'problem' areas, highlight the high points of my face, add a couple swipes of mascara, and I'm ready to go. I also love a ruby lip year round. Sometimes I go for more of a garnet.
How did you know you wanted to be a make up artist? When was the first time you realized this could be a career for you?
Personally I was pretty unaware, it all just came natural to me. Like most makeup artists, I began styling friends and family at a young age. The point where I can remember fully committing to my career, was when I decided to leave the company I had grown so much with and start my own venture.
What are some essential practices for fresh spring make up? Any practices from winter that we should leave behind?
Spring 2018 is all about shine, color, and a great excuse to play with blush. Applied high on the face from temple to cheekbone, it flatters every face shape and is a current favorite of mine. Warm rouge with a blue undertone will melt into the skin and provide a natural flush.
If you are feeling more adventurous, feel free to play with pastels. A gentle wash of cream-sickle orange or baby pink can be the subtle highlight of your look. Select a formula with a satin finish. A subtle patina will highlight your skin in all the right places. Milk makeup makes some of my favorite creme blush. The formula is emollient, build-able, and easy to apply straight out of the applicator.
As we are entering spring, our skin remains stressed from the challenges of winter. Leave all matte products, and extra coverage behind. Let your skin breath! To ease this transition I would recommend extra exfoliation followed by deep moisturizing.
My favorite products are made of solely natural oils. Avocado, grape seed, almond, and vitamin e oil gently loosen dead skin and support the cultivation and regeneration of fresh cells. Especially since we are dealing with new delicate skin, always be sure to follow with ample SPF 50+ UVA UVB
Reminder: Always read every ingredient in the products you use, and make sure it is as pure as possible.
What's one make up trick you've learned that you don't know how you ever survived without?
It is essential to understand the unique qualities of your skin and its moods. Knowing your own skin type may not seem like a trick, but without that basic understanding your efforts will fall short. Always adjust to environmental forces when making product choices. Stress, temperature, humidity, and lighting, are all important factors to consider.
Use products that are very gentle, fragrance free, and hopefully plant based. Take off your makeup every night, double wash if you can. Exfoliate at least once a week, hydrate daily and always protect your skin from the sun.
As an added bonus, check out my recommended regimen from UO:
Spring routine:
Favorite masks:
Pixi T-Zone Mask (oily skin)
Connect with Whitney here: www.whitney-olson.com
Follow Whitney on Instagram: @whitneymatija