About a Band: Ringo Deathstarr


Space 24 Twenty veterans, Ringo Deathstarr, return to the stage for our Local Heroes Series this upcoming Friday, 2/17. 

The shoegazey trio have been longtime favorites in Austin and beyond, consisting of Alex Gehring, Elliott Frazier and Daniel Coborn. We chatted with Elliott the other day for a little bit of background on the band before the show. 

Photos by Sara Strick

1. How long has the band been together for?
Goin' on 10 years for me and Alex! Daniel joined a year after that..!

2.  Favorite place to tour…

3. Anywhere on your wish list that you haven’t already been?
Mexico City... which we will play on March 4th!

4. How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never listened?
Well, have you ever heard of The Beatles? Jimi Hendrix learned one of their songs the day it was released... anyway we are like the soundtrack to "The Crow". 

5. Who/what do you pull inspiration from for your music?
Other music and movies... like the "Judgement Night" sound track... and a little known band called Starflyer 59's first album "Silver".... throw in a dash of The Stooges or The Ramones mixed with Enya and Enigma.

6. Most memorable live show that you can remember?
Once we opened for Peter Murphy of "Bauhaus" at a dive bar in Kansas City.. his diehard audience of middle aged goth women were in the front row and the stage was small... they looked pissed off that hey had to watch us so I just jumped into the crowd, and I guess my guitar hit someone's grandma in the head and I had to apologize because she didn't understand that it was just an accident.  Ooopps!

7.  What to expect from your set this Friday?
We just want to let our guitars do the talking