Comedy Spotlight: Valentine's Edition


Valentine's Day is here, y'all. And whether you're in a relationship or living the single life, I think we can all appreciate that the Hallmark holiday lends itself to a joke or two, especially given the landscape of modern romance. 

So, in anticipation of tonight's Comedy Show at Space 24 Twenty, we spoke to a few of the performers to get their take on dating. Read below as Arielle NormanNorah Franklin and Eric Nimmer dish their best Tinder experience, favorite pick-up line and thoughts on the future of dating. 

Doors open tonight at 7pm with comedy starting at 8! Don't miss out. 

Tell us about your very best blind date or Tinder experience... 

A: I haven't been single since Tinder happened. My favorite blind date was with a friend of a friend when I lived in New York. We hit it off immediately. I knew we weren't right for each other romantically, but I also knew I was intrigued. After a beer or two at the bar, I think I invited her back to my place. I was clear that this wasn't a come on and merely pragmatic, but looking back as not a dumb 24-year-old, I realize you're supposed to say that and not mean it. I wasn't very good at friend-zoning people yet. Anyway she was along for whatever ride life was going to present her with, and we wound up getting high and listening to Alan Watts while lying on the floor of my little room in. After about three dates and a few makeouts, I told her I wanted to be friends, and it took a while to convince her I was serious about it. We've kept in touch, even though she and I have both moved across the country a few times since then. There are a few ways she knows me better than anyone else in this life. 

N: Very best Tinder date was cooking a meal but shopping together for the ingredients beforehand and familiarizing my Coloradan Tinder date with all the glory that is H-E-B.

E: The greatest tinder date I’ve ever been apart of wasn’t even my date. I convinced a friend of mine to bail on a date he had set up and his thought to be date wasn’t mad at all. I’m fact she told him that she was just about to call him to cancel because something urgent came up. About an hour later we all ended up in the same place. There was no happy ending. Just massive awkwardness. This isn’t a song about pina coladas. 

Favorite pick-up line:

A: Back in my dating days I spent way too much time letting other women use pickup lines on me instead of hitting on the ones I was into, unfortunately. The love of my life, whom I finally married last year, 10.5 years after we met in college, I, with uncharacteristic courage, went up to a table she and some friends were at, sat down, and said, "I'm Arielle. Who are you?"

Can't necessarily recommend it because it did take me 9 more years to get into a serious relationship with her, but it did work. We became friends over the next few months, and I highly doubt we ever would've known each other if I hadn't just cold approached her like that.

N: Hi Norah, I’m Nick* and my favorite music is the infinite playlist we’ll make together.
*If you’re name is not Nick, lie anyway.

E: “Hey girl, I mean woman, I mean I know there is more to you than that not saying that there would have to be because womanhood is amazing in itself; womynhood?* umm, umm, how can I communicate that I’m not a predator? Yeah, you’re right I should just go. Thanks anyway ma’am; wait I didn’t mean to call you that. Sorry.”

What does the future of dating look like in your opinion? 

A: I think we've already seen a shifting where it's understood the apps are for hookups almost exclusively. OkCupid, I've noticed, seems to be doing a sort of I'm-not-Hannah-Montana-Anymore type marketing shift, with explicitly sexual ads and classically vanilla-attractive models. Funny cuz originally OkCupid was the one dating site that seemed less pathetic. Now with Tinder's success, they're having to compete as a f--- app I assume because it now seems like it's only the geeky people and not the cool people who are using OkC. This is just guesswork from my somewhat removed vantage point, of course. Essentially, I think the apps will be for casual sex, that may or may not lead somewhere, and that many people will continue to strongly prefer meeting people in person. I think the truly coolest people will always tend toward meeting in person because it takes more courage.

N: Bleak but the sex robots may save us all from those we shouldn’t waste time trying to date.

E: Unrelated: have you seen those new really thicc sex robots? Anyway, what was the question?