Food Truck Move-In: Lucky Lab Coffee Co.


There's a new coffee cart in town and it goes by the name Lucky Lab.

Tell us a little about Lucky Lab Coffee Company.
Lucky Lab Coffee Company is a mobile coffee bar that serves a dose of southern hospitality with every cup.  Drawing inspiration from Charleston, South Carolina we believe the style and manner in which you serve your product is just as important as the product itself.

Why did you choose to create a mobile shop vs brick a mortar store front?
Being different. We believed strongly that there was no barrier to translating a high-end bricks and mortar experience (whether it be coffee or food) to a mobile delivery model and we set out to build a mobile coffee experience that changed peoples perception of what mobile food/beverage trucks could be.  We threw out all convention and asked ourselves "What would a truck of this caliber look like if there were no obstacles?" It's from there that we started interviewing and hiring our branding team, truck designer, and suppliers from around the country. Courtney's always had a strong sense for the look and feel of the brand and truck and it's her vision that allowed our team to build the truck you see today.

What’s Lucky Lab known for and keeps the crowd coming back?
Our most popular offerings are our handcrafted latte’s from our rotating seasonal menu – our most popular are our rosemary honey latte, honey chai (brewed in-house!), butterscotch cinnamon latte (made with real butter), lavender mocha, coconut mint latte and our famous longhorn brulée (burnt orange caramel with a hint of vanilla – it is delightful!).  The majority of our syrups and sauces are scratch made in small batches. We’ll also have a variety of scratch made pastries and sweets on hand.  

How has the food truck culture in Austin changed over the past few years?
We’re not only seeing an increase in the overall number of mobile food and beverage options in Austin, but the caliber of product coming out of these trucks rivals even the most popular bricks and mortar establishments.

What’s the biggest struggle you face as a mobile restaurateur?  
Staying true to our brand and model.  From the onset we wanted our customers to taste the difference between the big brand coffee that they drink day-to-day and a high quality, sustainably grown, third wave coffee that very likely was roasted just a day or two prior.  One of our core values is that we let our customers discover the difference on their own, without banging them over the head with it as most new wave coffee shops do. 

Any tips for someone interested in starting up a restaurant on wheels?
First, offer a product that people want.  Second, Love what you do. There is no manual for a business on wheels so “typical” challenges aren’t so typical. 

Stop by the Backlot at Space 24 Twenty, say hi, and grab some caffeine and a snack.  Moving in March 1st, Lucky Lab will be here for your study break needs.