Restaurant Move-In: Bananarchy


Space 24 Twenty is excited to welcome Bananarchy to the Courtyard line-up, a dessert trailer that offers up bananas coated and dipped in the most delicious of toppings - peanut butter, oreos, pretzels, vanilla, graham crackers - you name it! 

Founder Laura Anderson dishes on how the food truck came to be and what we can't miss on the menu. Read more below and try for yourself! Hours are 12-10pm, Monday through Saturday. 

Tell us more about Bananarchy! How long have you been creating "Revolutionary Desserts" and how did the initial idea for the concept come about? 

We've been in business for nine years!  In 2008, I was in college at UT and living in a big community house with about 30 people in it.  One night my housemate, Anna, was sick and decided to marathon "Arrested Development" with our other housemate, Josh.  If you've ever seen it, you'll know that there is a frozen banana stand in the show. At some point in the middle of the night they decided it would be a great idea to start a frozen banana stand in Austin. I heard about it after that and asked to join them. 

At the beginning, we were talking about selling frozen bananas out of the back of Josh's truck.  It wasn't very serious.  None of us had ever tried a frozen banana before.  Then I ended up having an opportunity to write my senior Plan II thesis on opening the banana stand.  After that, Anna and I got more serious about it.  We bought a food trailer off of Craigslist, fixed it up, and opened up Bananarchy, having almost no idea what we were doing the whole time.  Bananarchy opened in May of 2009, between my last day of class and my graduation.

Favorite menu item?

They're all good, so maybe top two...  We just added a banana to our regular menu that used to be only a weekly special: The Peanut Butter Pie Banana!  This is one of my top favorite bananas so I'm excited about having it around all the time.  It's dipped in vegan chocolate and topped with creamy peanut butter over a graham cracker crust.  I also like the Cookie Crumble, which has Oreos and chocolate chip cookies on it.  I usually get it with chocolate dip.

We hear your treats are vegan and environmentally friendly. Tell us more about the steps you take here and the importance in doing so.

We do have several vegan options, including the Peanut Butter Pie Banana mentioned above.  We also have vegan chocolate and several vegan toppings.  We like to provide these options so that as many people as possible can enjoy Bananarchy. 

Historically there have been a lot of labor injustices in the banana and chocolate industries, so we work to make sure we are using ethically-sourced bananas and chocolate.  One of the main banana brands we use is EARTH University, which is an actual university in Costa Rica that teaches students from all around the world to practice sustainable farming practices (and grows bananas as a part of this).  We also regularly use several Fair Trade organic brands.  I am the worst banana snob!  My friends can hardly go to HEB with me.  Our chocolate is Fair Trade.  We also regularly compost our banana peels.

Do you foresee expanding to a brick & mortar in the coming years? 

Maybe!  I was joking with a friend the other day about making a frozen banana and coffee shop and calling it The Coffee Banana & Tea Leaf.  I wonder how long it would take us to get sued.  (Maybe Starbanana is better??)  But I think for now we are focusing on getting our trailers to the healthiest, most sustainable place.
Anything else? We are so excited to be at Space 24 Twenty!