UO Interviews: Austin's Singing Bowl Lady


Our Harvest Moon Sound Bath triggered enough excitement in October that we figured starting off 2018 with a second meditative session couldn't hurt.

Never heard of Sound Bowls? Get to know our host, Sandee Conroy (Austin's Singing Bowl Lady) who has been an Austin pioneer in this beautiful art for nearly 17 years. 

We'll see you this Sunday, 1/8! More info here

Hey Sandee! Tell us more about yourself. How did your journey with sound bowls begin?

I received 3 bowls as a birthday gift back in 2001. I would sit with one and play and try to center myself. And that was great! A few years later, I attended a session similar to what I do now. It was the first time I actually went and received a true (hour long) sound bath from someone.  I was totally amazed. I had never felt anything like that… the vibrations throughout my body were amazing. I felt like stress and tensions of the day were gently releasing from my body. I also had never gotten to such a deep, meditative state so quickly before. All of a sudden I realized there was no ‘thinking’ going on - it was quiet ‘up there’! It’s a dichotomy that so much sound can take you to such a quiet. I was blown away by the session.  

So, I generally just fell in love with them & bought more bowls & made flyers & started bothering my friends about sharing the bowls. And the rest is history! I’ve played at the United Nations Church Center, Yankee Stadium Legends Club, 35 Denton Music Festival, Studio 6A KLRU–Austin City Limits, Steeplechase Cancer Center, Rutgers University, Austin Salt Cave, plus many other regional hospitals, health & yoga centers.   

I have just followed my heart and intuition... it’s like a sonic journey. I absolutely love sharing them and blowing people away!

For those of us in the dark, can you explain to us how sound bowls work exactly?

I play seven large quartz crystal singing bowls for a solid 45 minutes, immersing you in their tones and vibrations. It’s kind of ‘monotonously hypnotic’ because it’s just the drone of the tone that takes you away.  Bowls work on many levels and they ‘come at you’ from a lot of different ‘angles’. I could tell you quite a few different ways bowls ‘do what they do’.  But here is one pretty good explanation:

Just like my quartz singing bowls, our bones, DNA, brain, endocrine glands and myo-fascia are ALL made up of a quartz crystalline structure. When bowls are played, these crystalline structures within our body become like tuning forks & transmit the vibrations of the sounds deep into the DNA, brain, body, endocrine glands, bone marrow and cellular structure, vibrating and resonating them toward a frequency of health and harmony. These balancing frequencies release tensions, stress, pain & adhesions. They quiet the unbridled chatter of a constantly ‘thinking’ mind. Many enter a profoundly deep state of relaxation, meditation, regeneration, peace & feel a connectedness to a place beyond … well beyond words … all while passively lying down.

What do you find is the number one thing people experience/feel after coming to a meditation?

Haha! It’s funny you should say that, ‘cause I’m writing up a list of Singing Bowl Side Effects! Many report better sleep, cleared sinuses, the dissapating of headaches/migraines/pains, normalized heart rates, returned memories and just a feeling of TOTAL, TOTAL relaxation.  

But probably the biggest comment I get is that people can’t get over the fact that I’ve been playing for 45 minutes, reporting that it feels like only 5. And that’s because deep meditative states are easily obtained.  

Bowls take you a place that is ‘Time-Less’ … they take you OUT of Time.  

Are there long-term benefits? How often do you recommend someone attend a Sound Bath?

Many report better sleep.  Many report pains dissipating.  Many people have incredible meditative experiences during sessions, or have answers ‘come to them’, which have helped them in their life. One person said, “It just makes me feel healthier!”  Actually, I can’t remember the last time I was really sick come to think of it. 

I truly think bowls help bring a calmness and balance to a person’s life in whatever area is in most dis-harmonious.  

How often to come?  Well, I think once or twice a month… whatever. How often is up to you. Bowls provide a gentle yet powerful way to balance our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies/energies. How often do you ever get a TOTAL ‘time out’ from ‘out there’?  How often do you REALLY get something like that?

I play the bowls powerfully… and it may not be for everybody. And that’s ok. But for those that DO like it, well, it’s absolutely amazing! 

We can’t wait for your session at Space 24 Twenty! Anything we should do to prepare in advance?

All you need to do is to make sure you are comfy & warm! People usually lay down, but you can also sit up. You just want to be as relaxed as possible.

Bring whatever you may need to have enough comfy underneath you, as well as blankets to cover with.  You might want to bring something to cover your eyes with (to get into your own little world – if so inclined).  

I can’t wait to share my amazing quartz bowls with you too! I ALWAYS love sharing them, because they cannot really be explained with words; they must be experienced.