UO Interviews: Claire Zinnecker


As gratifying as a good spring refresh of our closets and homes may feel, it can often be intimidating to jump start the process, with endless sources of inspiration and product available at our fingertips.

We asked Austin based interior-designer, Claire Zinnecker, to shed some light on her design process, learning that achieving a unique look might not take as long or cost as much as you think by staying true to your personal style and getting creative. 

Gain more tidbits from Claire below and follow her journeys on Instagram here

Photos by Molly Culver

1. Hi Claire! We’ve been following you for quite some time, but can you tell us more about yourself and how you got in to interior design?

I grew up knowing I wanted to be involved in design. Originally I thought architect but it was suggested by my uncle that I pursue interiors instead. Went to school at the University of Texas School of Architecture for a BS in Interior Design and have been pursuing it ever since!

2. How would you describe your style? Does living in Texas influence your work, aesthetically?

Honestly I'm terrible at talking about myself. One person told me my style was "Scandinavian Modernism with a touch of Japanese Minimalism". I think that's fitting. I also think I was influenced by both my Texas and California roots with a mix of natural materials, vintage pieces and a laid back approach to design. 

3. Are there any consistent design elements you find yourself using in every project, or does it always vary?

I definitely think people can see my work and know it was designed by me. I like to keep the canvas simple, natural materials, light colors and then add in fun with furniture and accents.  

4. What’s been your favorite house, room or project from the past year or two, if you can pick?  

I love my friend Lauren Cunningham's home. I'm so eager for us to finish up the furniture so I can get it photographed. I want to move into it myself! She has great taste so she made design easy :) 

5. I’m designing my bedroom on a budget. What would you suggest for achieving a unique look without spending a fortune?  

You are asking the girl who doesn't even have a headboard! I used hats on my wall in place of a headboard (and it added some extra storage space). You can find great bedding and rugs at Urban Outfitters for a great price! Again, keep the palette simple (white sheets and bedding) and add a pop with a fun pillow or a blanket at the foot of the bed. 

6. What’s new to the design world that you’re loving, and what are you ready to see move on?

I love designing with mixed metals and materials and definitely see that becoming more popular. I also love that bold rich colors are making a comeback. People are allowing their personalities to show through their designs which is a great change from the same pinterest picture all the time.

7. Anything else?

Don't be afraid to be you! Your space doesn't have to look like everyone else's. I love when a home shows the story of the person who lives there. Just always remember to edit edit edit!