UO Interviews: Frank


Before 2009, "gourmet hot dogs" was a foreign term in Austin. Aside from the occasional Longhorn football game or late night out on 6th St., we had no real association with specialty sausage in something other than a grab-and-go setting. 

We can thank Daniel Northcutt and Geoff Peveto for changing this, opening Frank nearly 11 years ago in downtown Austin; a one-of-a-kind (not to mention GF/Vegan friendly!) beer + hot dogs destination with a fun aesthetic and accessible prices. 

Since then, the "purveyors of artisan sausage" have opened a San Antonio location, taken over the food and beverage at Austin's Scholz Beer Garden and most recently, opened up shop at our very own Space 24 Twenty, keeping West Campus college students and surrounding businesses happy and fed with a selection of dogs, beer and an assortment of delicious sides (think queso waffle fries and warm pretzels) every day of the week.  

Owner Geoff Peveto sits down with us today to give us a little background on Frank and what we might expect for 2018. Make sure to swing by and try for yourself soon!  

Photos by Sara Strick

Give us the history on Frank! How and where did the idea for gourmet hot dogs arise?

Daniel and I met through the Austin music scene probably 15 years ago. He’s always been in the restaurant business but I was in graphic design when we met. We both cooked and loved food so one trip I took to Chicago I called him to tell him about Hot Doug’s. Daniel said “Funny I want to open a hot dog joint, we should talk.” I had no desire to run a restaurant but I thought something like Hot Doug’s would go over great in Austin. Daniel can talk most people into anything and now I run four restaurants with him. 

What’s different about your Drag location than the original Downtown location?

It’s more of a fast casual concept. It still has the Frank favorites on the menu but we don’t have full service wait staff or as extensive of a bar. You can still get a cold beer and a tasty cocktail but it’s designed for people on campus who need a fast and affordable option to get them through their next class. There is a relaxed patio to hang on and we have some menu items exclusive to the space like the Drag Dog. 
As a brand, Frank is very integrated in the local art scene. Can we expect to see some of that at Space 24 Twenty?  

We’ve have already launched another public art wall and Antonio Diaz from Industry Print Shop and Anti By Design has created our first mural. 

4.If you had to pick, what’s your favorite dog from the menu and why? 

I like the Notorious P.I.G. It may be fairly simple but creamy mac and cheese on a slightly spicy smoke jalapeño and bacon sausage with Texas BBQ sauce is pretty tasty. 

What does 2018 look like for Frank?

Creating more unique dogs and cocktails and pouring lots of cold beers! (We’ll probably take home another Quesoff trophy too) 


Follow Frank along at their "drag" location here!