UO Interviews: JT Kelley


We're ready to debut our first ever comedy edition of Local Heroes at Space 24 Twenty with Spring Break Forever, an evening curated by local funny guy, JT Kelley. Among special guests Kent Juliff, Andrew Clarkston, Danny Goodwin, Avery Moore and Devon Walker, we'll have complimentary refreshments, pool toys and raffles to create your best belated spring break, ever. 

To get a sense of what we'll be getting ourselves in to this weekend, we spoke with JT a bit below. Don't forget, Sunday's show is free and open and kicks off at 7pm! 

Photo by Pooneh Ghana 

You’re a funny guy, JT, but how did you get in to doing actual stand-up comedy? 

My first time doing stand up was in 8th grade. I told three jokes to my homeroom during a class talent show and I bombed. After healing from that I started doing open mics a lot when I was 18.  That's when I started doing stand up comedy as much as I could, anywhere that would let me. 

What would you describe as your style, in a nutshell? Do you find yourself wanting to revisit certain people or topics and if so, what/who are they? 

A lot of comedians are smart and use comedy to send a message or change the world or something. I am not smart I just wanna be goofy with my friends. So I hope my style comes off something like that. Being silly feels good, I just want me being silly to make other people feel good too.  I talk a lot about booty eating and communism though, so I guess you could say I'm covering all the hot topics. 

Favorite comedian, if you had to pick. Was this the person who inspired you to do what you do, and if not, who did?

Tina Fey and Red Skelton. I like goofiness and honesty and both these comedians taught me that's what I think is funny. Mean Girls is the funniest movie of all time.

What’s a fun fact about yourself that people may not know…

I know a lot about the Old Testament from the Bible. 

Why "Spring Break Forever?"

I love the 90's MTV mentality of spring break as this epic party that rules, cuz it's usually a pretty normal week for me. Also every service industry job I've ever had I've gotten into trouble for shouting "Spring break! No parents! No rules!" as a greeting to customers so naming the show "Spring Break Forever"  is also my revenge to every manger I've ever had. 

What can we expect from this month’s show at Space 24 Twenty?

Raffles for urban outfitters swag, palm trees, beach balls, bean bag chairs, but most importantly, stellar comedy and free refreshments.