UO Love Stories: Serese and Ryan


Serese and Ryan are as sweet of a couple as they come. Both actors who were born and raised in Austin, their love for eachother is emotive, compassionate and creative. And while they love brunch and a good bottle of wine, the two are also very invested in their recently launched company (787 Creative League,) centered on support and collaboration tools for the Film & Theatre Community in Austin.

Serese has also been dancing for most of her life and stays busy with regular performances and her Dance Company "Sass-N-Strut" which focuses on helping others find confidence in their individual movement (Space 24 Twenty will be hosting a Sass-N-Social with Serese on February 24th.) Read more on Serese and Ryan below! 

Photos by Cecilia Alejandra 

1. Give us some history on your love story… how you first met, how long you’ve been dating, etc. 

After meeting in Acting class, and being paired together for an activity, we quickly became friends. Fast forward through 3.5 years of friendship to the beginning of 2016, when several people around us began suspecting something between us was developing. We spent months of ignoring it, and then while grabbing dinner one night after acting class, Ryan mentioned that people were still telling him that they thought there was something between us. They both agreed that their friendship meant a great deal and that they didn't want to ruin it, but that if they did start dating, they probably wouldn't need to date anyone else ever again.

After that, some time went by and we didn't bring it back up until one night Ryan asked Serese on a date. He wanted to see if this suspicion others had was really true. Serese said yes. The date was a plain dinner-n-drinks and Ryan was super nervous even though we had done this sort of "date" twice a week up until this point. When he dropped her off at home, he admitted he was crazy about her. She was taken back, but a sort of lightbulb went off and she realized she felt the exact same way. The rest is history. 

2. The two of you are both lovers are film… do you have a shared favorite flick? Or something you’ve seen recently together that you’ve really loved?

 The film “Love Actually” is our all time favorite, but we were recently inspired by the film “Loving”.

3. As creatives, do you feel like you pull inspiration from one another?

Absolutely! After starting a company together that is centered around sparking and supporting creativity within the community it has opened up an entirely new set of views that reflect the inspiration we give one another. Being able to come together and mutually agree that we must be the change we want to see in the world, but able to watch each other go about it in our own personalized ways, only makes us a stronger team. We are stronger together because we are able to feed each other with new inspirations that we each individually bring to the partnership

4. Ryan, what do you love most about Serese?

I love Serese's drive, and her ability to see the tiniest of details within a situation. Details that I would otherwise overlook. She inspires me with her ability to make something out of nothing. We have a quote for it calling her, “the queen of making due with what she has”. I love the way she moves in the world with fierce determination and absolute conviction and confidence in herself. Every time I see her going into this mode I feel the need to work harder and dream bigger. She’s truly an independent woman and it’s absolutely beautiful.  Oh! And that booty! Gotta to love a dancers body :-)

5. Serese, what do you love most about Ryan?

I love how patient Ryan is. I love how he knows the solution to a problem on the spot, and can speak of it so simply. I love how he can delegate and make an otherwise stressful situation run smoothly. His work ethic is admirable. He has a way of being able to rule out distractions and just go 150% into whatever project is most important to him at that time. He is extremely giving. When I tend to tack on a lot of work for myself, and don't know how to ask for help, he always makes himself available if he knows I need him. His love makes me feel safe, and not just in the night in shining armor type of way, but in that way where I know I can be completely, unabashedly myself. I can be vulnerable and I'm needy sometimes, and he never makes me feel less than for that. If anything, he makes me feel like I'm closer to him. He's affectionate and romantic, which brings that out in me. And he communicates with me on a deeper level than I've ever experienced with a partner. We are truly a team! 

6. What’s the most important relationship advice you’d give to someone else?   

Find ways to learn about your partner with an open heart.

Leave the lines of communication open and try to understand your partners communication style and that it may not be like your own.

Don’t take things personal when your partner expresses their feelings. Try to instead look for the through-line to try and understand where they’re coming from, and why they feel that way.

If you want to tell your truth to them you have to be willing to accept his or her truth as well.