UO Studio Visits: Carrie Moss of MOODxMOSS


We had been seeing those beautifully tie-dyed polaroids just about everywhere around Austin. All slightly different with each portrait, but exuding a sort of powerful feel that hinted they were more than just expired film or an expertly photo-shopped image. 

After a bit of research, we found Carrie Moss at the source, a long-time artist who began exploring the completely unique genre of aura photography only a year ago. Under the moniker MOODxMOSS, Carrie has been popping up her yurt tent at a number of venues around Austin as well as traveling to various festivals, special events, and more. 

We couldn't be more excited to host MOODxMOSS for our UO Pride Happy Hour tonight at Space 24 Twenty. And lucky for you, there are still a few spots left (sign up here)! 

In the meantime, learn a bit more about aura photography (and the woman behind the camera) below.  

Tell us about you. How long have you been capturing auras, and what got you interested?

I have been a photographer for over 20 years and a spiritual seeker just as long. A friend of mine, who I went to art school with, told me about a special camera that is able to capture a person’s aura and create a beautiful portrait on Polaroid. I was looking for a new direction in my work and aura photography sounded like the perfect blend of my two passions. After some research, I decided to buy the camera and launch MOODxMOSS! I began forming the company in January of 2016 and MOOD had it’s first pop up in April of the same year. It’s been an amazing ride so far!

Can you tell us more about aura photography, for those of us who haven’t had the chance to get photographed? 

Guests enter the MOOD yurt and have a seat on the stool in front of the camera. They place their hands on sensor plates which are able to capture the energy emanating from our bodies. The camera has a computer with an algorithm that reads the data and presents it as a vibrant color field around their body. And then we talk about what it all means! 

Give as a quick rundown of the colors… 

Well, I’ll give you a little blurb about some of the major colors in the spectrum. Each vibration has several components, for instance, how dominant aura colors handle relationships, how they are with money or what their communication style is…so just remember the below is just tiny bit of what there is to know about each aura color mentioned. Also, if you have a particular color in your aura it doesn’t mean you will necessarily have all of the characteristics of that vibration.

  • RED: Reds are action oriented go getters that are living life to the fullest. They like to say what is on their mind and they also express themselves physically through their body. Think a passionate, strong minded and very charming individual! When I am on the road I have found that red is my dominate aura, yet when I’m home I am more of a rainbow (love patterns!)

  • GREEN: Greens are hardworking and can be a bit of a perfectionist. They express themselves creatively through their appearance and their home. Greens are goal oriented and are usually very successful in their chosen career. They enjoy nature and grounded and very practical.

  • VIOLET: Violet energy is very playful and intuitive and somewhat unconventional. Violets are idea people and big picture thinkers. You could call them visionaries. Often, violets spend time day dreaming and thinking. This allows them to be in that space where ideas flow. Typically, violets have a very strong intuition and they will find it easy to tap into their psychic abilities. Violet’s may find it hard to stay grounded.

  • BLUE: Blues are most concerned with relationships and spirituality. Friends, family and community mean the world to Blues. They are very social and will do anything for their people!  You’ll often find that teachers, nurses, healers or stay at home moms have a dominant blue aura. When out of harmony or power Blue’s will find it difficult to draw healthy boundaries

  • ORANGE: Oranges are fun loving, good hearted and kind. They enjoy being around other people and are very charismatic. You can often find them the center of attention. Oranges are creative, often entrepreneurial and enjoy a challenge. They think for themselves and enjoy being outdoors.

  • YELLOW: Yellows exude joy and love to spread their vibe to others. They see the world through rose colored glasses and you can find them laughing and experiencing the world on their own terms. Yellows love to be outside and can become restless if they put themselves in a position that they see as “being tied down”. When thinking of a Yellow think abundance and joy!

Do you see any one color or color combo reoccurring in photos often?

Well, it is interesting because I have found that if I am doing a private event, a pattern within the group usually emerges. This is actually something I find very interesting and I am exploring aura patterns within groups, or population segments,  through a personal body of work that I am in the process of creating.

How do you think we can apply results from aura photography to our own lives? 

When you learn about your aura you begin to understand that we are  vibrating energy at all times and that we are all connected, I think a shift occurs in our perceptions. We become more tolerant, more self aware and more understanding of one another. We all have the ability to tune in to our own energy and the energy of others. Some need to see it to believe it…and aura photography creates that platform. Others are already either familiar with the concept or actively working with energy and aura photography is a tool to see where they are at. 

Anything else? 

Yes! I am looking forward to rolling out some new programming for MOODxMOSS. We will be delving a deeper into energy work through several different modalities, talking about the out of harmony characteristics of the different aura colors and highlighting brands and practitioners that align with our views. I am really excited about these collaborations and all that is coming up!