Featured Brands: Kipling


Founded in Belgium in 1987, Kipling was created to make bags for going anywhere and doing anything. Learn more about the brand (and see the UO pieces we’re loving for the season ahead) in our look at their design and history.

In 1987, Kipling was founded — with the brand’s owners initial idea inspired by the possibilities of a fabric. They considered the adaptability and breadth of what would come to become its signature crinkly nylon. 

The name Kipling comes Rudyard Kipling, the author of "The Jungle Book" — with bags that are designed to similarly seek adventure in everyday life. Perhaps you’ve noticed the brand’s monkey logo? That’s why! In addition, every collection of Kipling bags has its own unique monkey mascot, named for a different Kipling employee from around the world.

Throughout the 80s and 90s Kipling would go onto expand throughout Europe and into the US, generating some impressive stats:

23 Kipling bags are sold every minute, somewhere in the world.

More than 35 million people in the world now own at least one Kipling bag.

There are more Kipling bags than there are people in Belgium.

Learn more about Kipling and its history on the brand’s website hereThis season we’re excited to collaborate with the iconic brand on a collection of UO-exclusive bags. Click here to shop them all

Scroll to view photos of our US@UO Employees showing their favorite ways to wear their Kipling bags and join us to launch the exclusive collection at Space Ninety 8 on Thursday, August 24th from 6-9pm! 

Photos: Andrew Supnet